What’s new with Go Green Go?

What a month October has been. Sailing in the Caribbean for 12 days. Oh wait, you don’t want to hear about the vacation, you want to know what’s been happening with Go Green Go”. Actually, if you do want to hear about sailing in the BVI’s – just send me an email ( [email protected] ) and I will be happy to talk about sailing and give you some great places to visit.

But now back to reality and business…. So, what’s new with us??? It’s been a year since Go Green Go” was just a twinkle in our eyes, but we are finally able to say “We have shirts!” – Yes, the first in the series of our eco-friendly activities have been printed and are ready for sale. We have chosen a basic T-shirt made by Authentic Pigment to introduce our collection. Authentic Pigment creates earth friendly apparel and it does its part to help the planet. Their styles are garment-dyed, which means only the finished product is dyed, not the entire piece of fabric. The result: they use less dye, less energy, less water. Also, the non-dyed fabric clippings left after the garment is cut are recycled to create new T-shirts.

Each shirt made from ringspun cotton, is lighter in weight and has a softer drape, creating an antiqued, vintage look that now feels as soft and as lived in as it looks. The shirts are cut for comfort, with an updated fit. The color that we have chosen is from nature's palette - TREE - from the EARTH collection. Walking is the first eco-activity that we have chosen to promote.

The next steps are to showcase them properly on the website and on the shopping cart site. So, more time spent on the computer revamping and redesigning the sites. Then it’s on to the next phase which is the “How do we sell these shirts?” phase. This will be a challenge of a different kind. How to market with little to nothing in the marketing budget. That’s where Idea Café helps out…….Let’s see what we can do together this month….Til next time - I’ll only be dreaming of sailing. By the way – if any of you regulars at Idea Café ever want to offer suggestions or ideas – Please contact me at any time – We would love to hear from you.

Remember“Go Green…Go Walking”

About the author

Susan Jenkins is the founder of Go Green Go, a T-shirt business that promotes eco-friendly activities, such as walking, hiking, biking, sailing, etc. To learn more, visit http://justgogreengo.com/.


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