Why Men's Grooming Is A New Trending Business Idea?

Growing a beard is no longer considered a taboo; on the contrary, it is a hip style many men have taken to. The trend has spurred growth in grooming products for men, a niche that was only reserved for women. According to Euromonitor data, the male grooming market reports more than $ 6 billion in sales every year.

It is this rise of a new male archetype that has spawned the development of businesses and products to cater to men’s grooming needs. A 2016 research report forecasted an exponential growth in men’s haircare market by 11% to reach £94 by 2020. The forecasts not only predicted an increase in the number of products used but the development of new products marketed to men.

This is because male grooming is not just about shaving equipment and products; it incorporates hair products and moisturizers that cater to the new aesthetic of men with a curly beard. These findings are quite promising to entrepreneurs looking to venture into this men’s haircare market. Here are opportunities entrepreneurs should consider venturing in:

1. Beard Care Products

The beard grooming industry generates millions of dollars every year. As such, starting a beard product line makes a pretty lucrative business alternative. Some beard care products you should consider producing or distributing include beard cream, gel, oil, wax, and trimmer.

2. Skin Care Products

A while ago, men used female skincare products as manufacturers had not yet produced products for men. However, as men become more conscious of the skincare regimens, there is a remarkable growth in men’s skincare products. Products such as shower gel, body wash, face wash, and bar soaps are some products that are now wholly designed for men. It is a lucrative business option in the male-grooming industry as demand for the products is growing exponentially.

3. Hair Care Products

You can also launch a line of men's hair care products focusing on what is trending in the market. The idea is to create a range of products used as part of a beauty routine and can be incorporated into a man’s skincare regimen.

4.Natural Haircare Range

The changing attitudes to the ingredients used in hair and beauty products also present an attractive business idea. Men are also attuned to using products that contain natural ingredients and oils like olive and argon oil.

5. Products for Specific Hair Types

The haircare market hardly caters to unique hair types-men of color, and Caribbean hair types. You can set up a product line to cater to this often overlooked need by the grooming market. Shear & Shine is one such company that produces grooming products for African and Caribbean hair types.


6. Open a Barber Shop

Most of these ideas need a large capital outlay, which many people may not afford. As such, you can open a barbershop and provide a variety of styles and treatments to cater to the beard ‘gang’ while offering the traditional barber services.


How to Market Your Products

Clearly, there are many opportunities for product innovation in the beard and hair care market. However, the products should be matched with aggressive marketing efforts to convince men about the need to use specially designed products. 

Naturally, male consumers are long-term thinkers who focus on quality, not quantity. As such, companies need to educate the male group on why they need the products. Focusing on male consumers who are already aware of their grooming needs is a good start.

Generation Xers and Baby Boomers, for example, have changed their grooming routines significantly as they are aware of new product offerings and are more willing to use them.


Men’s grooming trends provide numerous business opportunities for entrepreneurs. It’s a market that has led to more product innovation as companies seek to produce products that are more inclusive of male needs. Since men are more aware of their grooming needs setting up any of the business ideas discussed may lead to exponential growth.


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