Why Remote Work Beats the Office?

With the pandemic affecting all business industries, more and more companies are shifting towards remote work. Besides keeping employees in a safe environment, there are many other reasons why remote work beats the office every time!

Employees work from home - the company saves money!

Let's start with the most obvious of all benefits. With remote work implemented, there is no need to:

  • rent expensive office space
  • purchase office equipment
  • spend resources on employee meals and transportation fees
  • pay high utility bills

The financial resources of your company may be put to better use. And, if you want to adapt to the competition and stay successful in this digital age, you will need all the resources you can get.

Increase productivity and motivate your employees

If your goal is to increase productivity and motivate your employees in one fell swoop, there is no better strategy than remote work.

The reason why remote work beats the office from the employees' angle is that they have more free time at their disposal. First of all, there is no transit to and from work. Second, if the nature of the work allows it, employees can pick their own working hours. Third, if the workload is low, they can use the time to do some house chores. Finally, it is a fact that employees who work from home usually don't take long breaks, and sometimes even work overtime.

As an additional bonus for the company owner, employees who are sick can still work for home, unless they have a high fever or a similar health condition.

With all of those benefits, employees will be motivated. Furthermore, they will do everything they can to keep this privilege, which will result in increased efficiency and productivity.

Access to a worldwide network of young professionals

Another reason why remote work beats the office is the ability to hire people from all over the world. Since your employees are not tied to the location and can work from anywhere, you suddenly have a huge pool of promising talent to choose from.

This is especially important for startup companies!

Why startups benefit the most from remote work?

Let's go back to the first reason why remote work is so awesome. Starting a business requires financial strength. That alone beats all other reasons why a startup should focus on remote work.

Furthermore, people looking for work often prefer to work from their homes. With that in mind, it will be easier to find quality employees without too much hassle. Furthermore, if we take into consideration how outsourcing helps to build a better startup, these two strategies combined are a Flush Royale!

Easier business meetings

Ever had an online meeting where you wondered why you are the only one with the video turned on? Even if they don't want to admit it, everyone had at least one business meeting in their underwear. The situation is just too good to pass on!

All jokes aside, the entire communication process with your employees is elevated to a whole new level.

For starters, you don't have to lose nerves about looking for an available meeting room on a busy day. Furthermore, any working hours will do. Some employees even have meetings after their working hours, simply because they can. Also, some people are busy all day long, and they don't have time to sit in the office and have meetings. Remote work allows them to do a quick call, no matter where they are.

Finally, this is a safe way to stay connected with your employees during COVID-19.

Setting up your employees for success

Any company that allows remote work is setting up its employees for success. With everything said so far, an employee who works from home will:

  • find a job they love to do
  • find a well-paid job, no matter the location
  • have more time
  • learn how to schedule a time for work assignments and be more organized
  • learn how to be efficient and productive
  • spend more time with their family
  • be a happier person, satisfied with their job position

Consequently, your employees have everything they need to become successful people. And, if you are the one who helped them achieve that goal, they will never want to leave you. A good manager and fantastic work benefits beat a higher paycheck 9 out of 10 times.

Switching to remote work - a child's play, an uphill battle, or somewhere in between?

Transitioning to remote work can fall under all three categories, mainly depending on the level of organization and the approach one takes. For companies who use specialized office equipment, this will be easier said than done.

However, there is a solution to every problem. If you need help switching to remote work, the number one advice to follow is to look for professional commercial movers. Their employees are experienced with all types of office moving, and they can organize all tedious parts of the process.

Another important thing to think about is that moving many employees takes time. If you have a busy season, do not allow for all employees to move in a single day. Sometimes unpredicted situations occur, and your business may suffer due to that.

It is best to create a moving schedule and complete the process in groups. The only exception to the rule is if your employees are endangered by the work environment. In that case, their safety comes first.

That's why remote work beats the office in all areas!

As you can see, remote work beats the office in all business aspects, both from the company and employee perspective. It is a winning move for everyone, and all businesses should consider this successful strategy at one point, no matter whether it is necessary or not. With that in mind, find the best way to implement remote work in your company, and help yourself and your employees live a better life!



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