Why Is Social Media So Important for Your Business Today?

Have you ever wondered what makes your business tick in the today’s global environment? The development of the Internet gave rise to electronic commerce, and together with it – to a whole new type of mass communication with a number of important distinctions from traditional means. The importance of social media as a set of computer technologies that enable fast and easy electronic exchange of information is really unquestionable.

Social media may also be seen as a whole range of interactive Web 2.0 applications, a term first introduced by Tim O’Reilly in 2005 in an attempt to define electronic services which are developed and updated by users themselves. If you need some additional information about social media you can just google it using footprint “i need help writing my essay”.

Because of that key specificity, traditional methods to communicate your products and services to their final consumers are no longer applicable. You now face an anonymous all-knowing many-eyed entity, a writing community capable of revealing all the hidden weaknesses as well as praising the strengths of what you can offer.

Interesting Facts

Hootsuite refers to a number of really amazing facts related to how the Internet community monitors business today. For example, can you possibly imagine that 80 % of Instagram users follow at least one company, or that there are more “followers” in business than in the case of celebrities?

Peculiarities of electronic social means of communication are such that they appeal to affiliation with a certain community. That makes aggressive marketing strategies useless: this just won’t yield the desired feedback.

On the other hand, with a proper understanding of how it really works, it is possible to reach a number of business goals, otherwise unattainable, such as:

●       To increase your brand awareness

●       To always stay in touch with your consumers

●       To increase sales

●       To form a community of your devoted followers who will further spread the word about your products or services

●       To find new recruits for your company among those who are already aware at least of what your business has to offer (which makes them more valuable as employees)

Social Media for Business

Depending on your current needs, it is possible to choose among a huge variety of the best social media for business. Facebook may be seen as one of the most universal and popular platforms, with more than 84 % of adolescents in America having a profile there (the results of the last year’s survey). Its functionality offers great benefits of advertising as well as of getting live feedback from consumers, although each being somewhat limited. 

If specialization is the case, then for job seeking, recruiting or partnering options, LinkedIn is more suitable as it is a social network tailored for establishing business relations. There are limitations related to the ability to add as friends other users whom you don’t know directly or as friends of your already established contacts, automatically excluding outsiders from your business circle.

Instagram or Pinterest with their focus on visual communications provide great benefits for those companies which pay great attention to their product design, maybe even more than quality. Those are especially helpful for companies in the food sector as nowhere else it is possible to make your food look better than it tastes. And when it comes to video content, one can think of nothing better than YouTube.

Popular messengers like WhatsApp, Viber or Twitter with an extremely wide community of subscribers are excellent for short advertising or informative messages when the time is vital to inform your clients of changes in your policy.

Time for Action

Doing business today is impossible without doing business on the Internet. Elon Musk’s ambitious Starlink project aims to provide free Wi-Fi connection to everyone on the planet by 2027, but even now setting your customers’ base without getting to them through social media for business is unimaginable. Social media and business now go together. Think of what your company needs, choose the one that suits your needs most, and make it work for you!   


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