WOMbeat! is the Winner of Idea Cafe's Innovation and Originality Grant

WOMbeat!, an online source of recommendations for local businesses from people you know and trust, and an enterprise sparked by a dream, is the winner of the latest Idea Cafe grant. Congratulations! WOMbeat! submitted their nomination in November, and during the month-long voting phase of the grant they emerged as the leader, with 25.66% of the votes. They are followed by another exceptional business, PALS with PAWZ, who got 20.86% of the votes.

Idea Cafe regulars have had their say. The popular vote has elected the winner, and we will be contacting WOMbeat! to get their scoop on winning an Idea Cafe grant, and to arrange the awarding of the $1,000.00 cash grant.

WOMbeat! will be keeping us informed of their progress via regular updates on the newly-launched Idea Cafe Blog. You will be able to learn more about their business, and follow their story, with monthly reports about the progress of the company. Typically, all Idea Cafe grant winners provide short updates for the community. To the team at WOMbeat!: we'll be sending you the contract for you to sign shortly. It is a very simple agreement and does not contain anything really surprising.

WOMbeat! joins a line-up of inspiring entrepreneurs, who have won an Idea Cafe grant in the past. Our previous winner, Leah Larson, went on to win the $100,000.00 Wells Fargo's Someday Stories contest. Another grant winner, Percy Marchand and his company, Marchand Ink, have been featured in The London Times and New Orleans Magazine, among other press: "Winning this grant propelled me into a spiral of success and accolades," said Percy in one of his updates for Idea Cafe.

Established by veteran entrepreneur Francie Ward, the Idea Cafe Small Business Grants distinguish small business owners with extraordinary ideas and drive to succeed, who are dedicated to helping their local community and peers.

You can read WOMbeat!'s presentation here.

Stay tuned for details.


PALS with Pawz would like to

PALS with Pawz would like to congratulate WOMBeat for winning the Idea Cafe's Contest.

Congratulations, WOMBeat!

Congratulations, WOMBeat!

Congratulations! Congrats to

Congratulations! Congrats to PALS w/ Pawz as well for a very close 2nd. Even though I was a finalist myself, I have to admit you had my vote...

First of all - let me say

First of all - let me say congratulations to everyone who was selected as finalist. I was very honored to have even been included in such a list of great business ideas. Frankly, I am still a bit shocked by the win and touched by all those who voted and supported us.

Christine of PALS with PAWS - let me say a special word to you as well. I have great admiration for the work you are doing and wish you tremendous success.

To all of Idea Cafe - again, thank you for your support and I promise to do my best to make you proud for supporting WOMbeat!

Thanks again, everyone!

Congratulations to the

Congratulations to the winners and a kudos to everyone that was a finalist.

Best of luck -and success- in 2009 and beyond!

Congratulations WOMBeat! I

Congratulations WOMBeat! I wish you continued success in your business venture.

Best of luck to all of the finalists! Don't give up...Get ready for the next contest!

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