WordPress Map Plugin Options

Regardless of whether you need to make it simple for customers to discover your event venue or just need to exhibit your business locations, adding a map to your website bodes well. With regards to WordPress, this implies choosing outstanding amongst other map plugins to help. From interactive features to cutting-edge customization alternatives, utilizing a map plugin for WordPress offers an assortment of benefits over manual integration. Besides, there is a lot to browse from! In this post, you will realize what a map plugin is and find the most ideal choices. Let’s get started!

What Is a Map Plugin?

Map plugins are extensions you can introduce on your website that make adding a map snappy and simple. This can help you uncover your physical locations to more customers. You needn't bother with a plugin to add a Google Map to your WordPress site. The Google Maps API gives an install code that you can embed in a WordPress page or post through the Block Editor. Nonetheless, many map plugins for WordPress come outfitted with cutting-edge features you don't get with a manually embedded map. Notwithstanding single or different locations, interactive map plugins give:

  • Filter and search options
  • Clusterization
  • Road sees
  • Custom icons and markers
  • Animations
  • Zooming and panning
  • And more

Utilizing a map plugin for WordPress likewise makes it simpler to reuse and update maps across your website. This dispenses with the need to make another page each time you need to add your map elsewhere on your website. Additionally, if you need to update or change the obvious locations on your map, you will not need to manually supplant the embedded code.

Best Map Plugins for WordPress

Just like most WordPress plugins, the best answer for you will rely upon your particular objectives and requirements, just as whether you're searching for a free or premium plugin. Let us now see a few popular options for Map plugins.

  • Interactive Geo Maps

In case you're searching for an interactive map plugin for your WordPress site, you can't turn out badly with Interactive Geo Maps. This freemium plugin is loaded with features that make customizing and expanding the usefulness of your maps straightforward. From travel bloggers to real estate agents, this plugin is helpful for a wide assortment of professionals and businesses. Notwithstanding which version of the plugin you introduce, you'll approach a scope of features you can use to tailor your maps to your particular requirements and preferences.

  • Interactive Geo Maps features include:
  • Limitless responsive maps
  • Progressed zoom options
  • Map projections
  • Hued legends and hued markers with drift shading change
  • Choropleth (heatmap) map creation
  • Live filters
  • Tooltips and text marks
  • Drilldown maps

The Interactive Geo Map plugin is accessible in a restricted free version. Nonetheless, the premium version begins at just $3.99 each month and incorporates expanded features, for example, the capacity to utilize custom images and vector icons as markers. There's additionally a free seven-day preliminary for the premium version if you need to analyze the two options.


  • Maps Marker Pro

Maps Marker Pro is a strong, feature-rich premium map plugin for WordPress. It's a solid alternative in case you're hoping to practice an undeniable degree of control and customization over your maps' appearance and usefulness. While it may not be the most beginner-friendly WordPress map plugin on this rundown, it is unquestionably among the most dynamic. It has a long element list with many progressed options accessible, in addition to a huge load of customization tools to adjust your maps to your necessities. Maps Marker Pro features include:

  • Unlimited maps and markers
  • Front end filters and marker categories
  • Tools for drawing directly on your maps
  • Support for multiple mapping systems, including Google Maps, Bing Maps, TomTom, and OpenStreetMap
  • Custom marker icons
  • Real-time visitor location display
  • Multilingual maps and translations
  • GPX tracks for displaying route metadata
  • Marker clustering and filters

To check Maps Marker Pro out, you can make a demo map on the developer's website or download a free trial. In case you're prepared to buy the plugin, you have three valuing plans to browse, beginning at $42 for a lifetime license including admittance to updates and support for 1 year.


  • MapifyPro

MapifyPro is a premium map plugin for WordPress that you can use to add a store locator to your website. Although it's a ground-breaking choice for coordinating Google Maps with your website, you can likewise utilize it to consolidate your custom maps. This plugin empowers you to construct your map while utilizing some of Google Maps' usefulness. For instance, you can add zooming and panning features, just as give directions to explicit markers. MapifyPro features include:

  • Responsive maps with limitless locations
  • Pins with tooltips and drift boxes
  • The alternative to adding areas of interest
  • Custom markers and animations
  • Picture displays
  • Video support

We urge you to look at the MapifyPro demo on the developer's website. While there is a restricted free version accessible, at just $19 each month, the paid version is well awesome to access the whole set-up of features.


Adding a map to your WordPress site can assist you with developing your business, make your site captivating, and assist your customers with finding your store. Regardless of whether you're hoping to add one map or a few, the simplest strategy is to utilize a map plugin for WordPress.


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