Work from Home Better with a Home Office Attic Conversion

Attic conversions are a profitable home improvement that will maximise your home’s usable space and increase its value. Instead of leaving it dusty and unused, you should turn it into an inspiring home office. Aside from having your own personal work area, you’ll be isolated from the rest of your house, which will boost your productivity. However, converting your attic into a home office requires detailed planning in order for you to design a beautiful, inspiring and motivating workspace. In addition, attic renovations require you to pay attention to a few issues that can affect your comfort and health.

Inspect your attic

Performing a detailed inspection of your attic is an essential aspect of this type of renovation. This will allow you to identify hidden problems that may affect your attic conversion. You need to pay attention to possible roof leaks. If you overlook such an issue, you may have to pay a significant amount of money to deal with it later on. In addition, water leakage in the attic can contribute to the growth of mould and mildew, which can affect your health and fill your home office with a stale, unpleasant smell. Therefore, you should perform an audit to identify possible signs of leakage. If you find any, you’ll have to fix the area and apply a waterproof sealant that will prevent this issue from occurring again.

Insulate it properly

By properly insulating every corner of your attic, you’ll create a more comfortable home office. You’ll reduce solar heat gain from the heated roof, and keep the warm air inside during winter. A comfortable office is essential for your productivity – you won’t be able to focus on work if you’re constantly cold or hot. Aside from providing you with a greater level of thermal comfort, proper attic insulation will enhance your home’s energy efficiency. You won’t waste energy on trying to heat up or cool down your attic home office in vain. Furthermore, your entire home will have a more stable indoor temperature because heat is mainly lost through the attic and roof.

Add an AC unit and improve your ventilation

Attics can get quite stuffy and uncomfortable without quality ventilation. Creating a comfortable, airy environment is of the utmost importance for your work efficiency. Therefore, you should consider enhancing your attic ventilation by installing additional vents. Furthermore, you should add an effective split system air conditioner which is a perfect choice for a single area. If you go with a split system AC unit, you’ll create a comfortable home office using an affordable, eco-friendly solution. This type of air conditioning is more functional for residential uses because it minimises energy loss while providing you with a cosy, airy space.

Set up your flooring

Once you’ve inspected your attic, removed possible problems and improved its insulation and ventilation, you can finally lay the groundwork – flooring. You should choose a high-quality flooring material that will provide you with excellent durability. The floor in an attic home office should be resistant to temperature fluctuations and sturdy enough to support the equipment. Wood, cork, bamboo and laminate are all great options that will give your home office beautiful, stylish appeal. 

Install appropriate lighting

It’s widely known that lighting is one of those elements that have a major impact on productivity. Therefore, you should make sure that your home office has a layered, functional lighting scheme and plenty of natural light. If your attic doesn’t have enough windows, you can install skylights. This is a beautiful solution that will fill your office with energising sunlight. However, make sure to go with energy-efficient glass that will prevent energy loss.
When it comes to artificial lighting, you should go with LEDs, an energy-saving option that will fill your space with a beautiful glow. Furthermore, you need to install general, accent and task lights in order to create an appealing and productive office.

Choose colours for productivity

When painting your home office, you should choose colours that will inspire and motivate you to work. You should avoid using a lot of bright, vibrant colours because they can be overwhelming and distracting. Blue and green are popular choices for an office because they can help you focus and relax. However, you should still introduce pops of brighter shades, such as yellow or orange, because this will both create visual interest and spark your creativity.

Introduce space-saving solutions

Attics can be limited in size due to slanted walls, so you need to maximise your usable space by introducing space-saving furniture. You should use storage units that can fit into your space, such as low, but wide bookshelves. Built-in shelves are also a great choice if you don’t have much space. You should also go with a desk with plenty of drawers for storing your office supplies. By introducing plenty of storage solutions, you’ll be able to open up your space and keep clutter at bay, which will create an illusion of spaciousness. 

If you need a home office and have an unused attic, what are you waiting for? Transforming your attic into an inspiring work environment is just what you need.


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