Workplace Safety: 6 Tips for Keeping Yourself and Your Team Safe

No matter what type of work you do, safety on the job site is something that should remain a top priority. Not only will this help prevent injuries but it may also lead to improved productivity. To get started with keeping yourself and your team safe, below you will find six tips to help you get started.

Make Safety Rules

If everyone on your team isn't aware of how to stay safe at work, this could easily lead to accidents and injuries. By taking the time to discuss each rule and why it's important, each person will be held responsible for workplace safety. To reinforce these rules, have them printed in a visible area at work, such as the break room.

Clean Regularly

Slippery floors, garbage, small nails, and other debris are dangerous no matter what setting you work in. Most companies hire cleaning crews to deep clean in the morning or at night, but each person on the job site should also alert a janitor if there's a potentially dangerous mess that needs cleaned up during the day.

Maintain Equipment

The equipment that you use on a daily basis, whether it's ladders and drills or ovens and sharp knives, must be properly maintained. If you notice that something is broken or is beginning to show signs of wear, it's essential to discuss having it replaced to enhance safety.

Wear Proper Workplace Gear

Safety glasses, boots, gloves, aprons, etc., are all important pieces of gear that employees should wear every time they are on the workplace floor. If just one person is not wearing a protective piece of gear, this could put themselves and other employees at risk.

Make an Emergency Plan

What would you do if something went wrong while at work? It's critical to have a backup plan as well as emergency plan that each person is aware of. By considering situations such as injuries or unsafe conditions ahead of time, everyone will be in a better position to deal with them if they were to occur.

Encourage Checkups

When employees have blurry vision, they are more likely to injure themselves while at work. To help make sure each individual can see, encourage yearly vision checkups and proper eyewear to be worn while at work. Staying safe at work doesn’t have to be expensive, suggest employees find affordable, cheap eyeglasses that will help them see and perform their job duties more efficiently. Helping your employees remember to keep up on their eye prescriptions will help them perform better and more safely at work.

A safe workplace is an enjoyable workplace, which is why utilizing the tips above is so important. It doesn't matter what industry you're in, safety should never be something that's compromised. Fortunately once you have these tips in place, you'll find that you and your team can work more productively and with fewer accidents as well.


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