What Makes a Product Great?

The people behind the product is what makes a product great.  I believe if the people behind their product are passionate and believe in the product themselves, it will show.  If you personally invest your time and energy into something to make it great, it is sure to be a success.  It’s all about doing something you love, standing behind it, and believing in it.  It is important to have customers, fans and followers who also want to be involved in your products, experience your services, and tell other people to do the same.

Prove it.  Customer testimonials can be a great way to prove your products are great.  Potential customers get to read success stories from someone who isn’t biased to the company.  The can give great feedback weather it is positive or even a suggestion to make something about the product better.  It’s great to offer a customer satisfaction guarantee.  If they don’t like the product, can they return it?  Is there a warranty on the product?  Those are key ingredients that can make or break a customer’s decision on buying your product vs. a competitor’s product.

Horsepower Inc. believes in its product 100% and we also believe in customer satisfaction.

We continually inspect and try to improve our products.  All parts have been inspected prior to packaging, and our guarantee is limited to replacement or defective parts.  This guarantee is in lieu of all other guarantees or warranties implied or expressed.  Because we cannot control the application of our products, buyer assumes risk for any and all damage caused to himself or third party, by virtue of failure of these products.  We make no warranty as to products distributed by us, express or implied, including without limitation any warranties or mechanical ability and fitness for a particular purpose.  All HPI products are custom designed for high performance applications.  Products are non-returnable and no warranty is extended.  Implied or expressed most high performance parts are not legal for sale or use on public highways.  Users must comply with all federal, state and EPA regulations.  In some instance, high performance parts can be recalibrated to meet the above guidelines.  We shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damages.

About the author

Laura Ray, the owner of Horsepower Inc., is the recipient of the 11th Small Business Grant. Her company, Horsepower Inc., specializes in the manufacturing of aftermarket throttle bodies and related products engineered to provide you more power and performance to complete your EFI build.


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