What Will Health Insurance Cost Your Small Business in 2015?

As a small business owner, this is the time of year when you need to start thinking about next year's budget.

Staying on track to meet all your fiscal responsibilities is always a main concern.

One of the largest liabilities on your income statement is health insurance for your employees.

Networking in a Digital World: Is Your Staff Really Ready?

When your staff is sent out on business for networking opportunities are they really prepared? Sure, they have their mobile devices equipped with valuable information, but the real question is, are they really ready to network?

In this ever evolving digital world we live in today, it can be really easy to forget the basics. Business owners have learned new avenues and channels for which they can reach out to their target audience, which is great… for internet connectivity. However, ask yourself, how well does a website link or Facebook profile work for networking in person?

Are You Investing in Your Business for the Long Haul?

One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners is how to balance the daily obligations and tasks with planning for the future.

It is often difficult for managers and owners to figure out how to achieve that balance, but it is essential for long-term growth.

Attributes We Need in Our Employees

When it comes time to sort through resumes and set up interviews for new hires, it's natural to feel apprehensive.

Deciding on those to add to your small business team is one of the most vital decisions you can make for the future of your company - the right employee will add value and be worth their weight in gold, while the wrong employee can quickly lower team morale and drain your resources.

How to Start a Business: Feasibility of Business Ideas

If you've ever thought about starting a business or starting a small business while avoiding some of the most common mistakes made by most entrepreneurs or new business owners, then this is the most important information you will ever need on how to start your own business - starting your own business that will explode your profits.

How To Organize Your Office and Keep It That Way

When it comes to having a productive workspace and staying organized with your office, it can be difficult to maintain a clean space with a busy schedule. From cluttered drawers to disorganized files, there are many areas of an office that should stay organized throughout the week. To reduce the amount of clutter in your office and allow it to stay clean, there are a few steps to take that will make it easier to manage the workload.

Tips to Help Improve Your Business

Once and for all remember this – the name of your game is improvement and you are not backing down! Whether your business is a huge corporation or a one-person operation, whether it’s on its way down or on an upward track, constantly working on improving it should be one of your top priorities and above all a reasonable and conscious choice. Balancing your time and choosing the right area of business for the biggest impact are your starting points. Here are some other tips that will help you improve your business.

5 Reasons “Boring” Details are as Essential as “Big” Ideas for Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneur and CEO of Sqeeqee.com Jenny Q. Ta Explains How the Devil is in the Details Approach Can Lead to Success

Often times, the people will have you believe that accomplished entrepreneurs had their success purely by dint of the invincibility of their irresistible ideas. The media creates a narrative that posits a sole human as the harbinger of change while completely obscuring the so-called boring details.

Tips for Landing the Right Franchise

Are you one of millions of Americans who were laid off in the corporate workplace in recent times? If so, there is a good chance you are either back to work, collecting unemployment or considering an about face when it comes to your career.

For those individuals in the latter group, have you thought about purchasing a franchise?

Why Home Businesses Should Utilize the Cloud

Cloud services utilize Internet-based servers to provide business services such as bookkeeping, data storage, file sharing, word processing and customer relationship management. Cloud computing is an ideal IT option for home businesses because it costs less, improves efficiency and increases mobility, all valuable benefits for new and small businesses with limited resources.

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