Employees Outside the Office Could Become I.D. Theft Victims

While you can typically keep track of your employees inside the office, outside can be a whole other story.

With more workers commuting these days and/or traveling for work-related functions, the typical office place has changed to a degree. As a result, they can become prime targets for identity theft thieves.

So, is that a risk as a business owner that you’re willing to take?

How a Doctor's Office Shapes Patient Experiences

The medical field is a challenging place for a startup. People realize that not all clinics are created equal, so they search online for Yelp write-ups and Solutionreach patient reviews. Most people also talk to friends about who provides good care. Word of mouth combined with the Internet makes for a great decision-making tool.

Physicians have a tall obstacle to overcome because so many people don't want to be at the doctor in the first place. They are missing work, spending money, and sitting in the waiting room for a long period of time. And to top it off, they don't feel good. They may be worried about themselves, or about getting home in time for the kids to arrive from school. In short, they want to get done quickly and get out.

Put SEO to Work for Your Brand Today

Ever stopped to wonder what really makes your business tick? For many business owners, it is a combination of items that keep their brands relevant in today’s competitive markets.

One of those items is the proper usage of search engine optimization (SEO). When deployed correctly, SEO can be a boon to your business needs.

How Small Businesses Should Choose Who to Hire for Marketing

Small business owners across the country are becoming increasingly aware that they can’t just leave online marketing out of their business strategy. Ten years ago, businesses may have gotten away with it, but the ways in which consumers find businesses and services have changed tremendously since then.

The Apps Have It When It Comes to More Sales

What if you as the business owner did not have to be tied down to a computer at work all day? Sound like something that catches your fancy?

For more and more business owners, that idea is becoming a reality.

Simply put, apps are changing the way businesses operate all around the world.

The Top 3 Growth Hacks of 2016

Coined by startup guru Sean Ellis, the term "growth hacker" is loosely defined by QuickSprout as someone whose every decision is "informed by growth. Every strategy, every tactic, and every initiative, is attempted in the hopes of growing."

Growth hackers are not superior to marketers and they certainly can not replace them. Their strategies are not designed to sustain businesses in the long term, but to inject fledgling startups with enough growth to hit their stride in the crucial opening act.

Safe Work Environment - How Your Company can Stay OSHA Compliant

Employee safety should be a point of contention for all employers as worker injuries impact employers in a variety of ways. In addition to workers compensation costs, it may be necessary to train a replacement as well as deal with lost productivity from that worker. Therefore, what are some steps employers can take to stay OSHA compliant and prevent injuries from happening?

Setting Up a Bid Experiment in Google Adwords

A Google ‘Experiment’ allows for advertisers to implement a specific change at any level of the account for a certain percentage of the time. These changes can range from keyword additions to bid changes to landing page changes.

How Video Marketing Can Improve SEO and Grow Your Business

Video marketing is one of the best ways to capture the attention of the market. This is primarily because it appeals to the senses of an individual very easily. While you can do an audio advertisement through a podcast, you will only be able to appeal to the auditory senses. Videos on the other hand appeal to vision, audio and so much more. However, the video has to be done so well in order to achieve these effects. If you want people to sob whenever they watch your video, you will have to make sure that the video is of premium quality.

Do Your Employees Need a Healthy Kick in the Rear?

Even though your job description as a business owner does not include doctor or fitness expert, looking after your employees almost becomes second nature at times.

Whether you oversee a large staff, dozens, or even just a handful of employees, their well-being is normally your concern too.

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