Tips for Landing the Right Franchise

Are you one of millions of Americans who were laid off in the corporate workplace in recent times? If so, there is a good chance you are either back to work, collecting unemployment or considering an about face when it comes to your career.

For those individuals in the latter group, have you thought about purchasing a franchise?

Why Home Businesses Should Utilize the Cloud

Cloud services utilize Internet-based servers to provide business services such as bookkeeping, data storage, file sharing, word processing and customer relationship management. Cloud computing is an ideal IT option for home businesses because it costs less, improves efficiency and increases mobility, all valuable benefits for new and small businesses with limited resources.

4 Ways Micro-Businesses Can Get Ready for Small Business Saturday

Micro-businesses represent a huge portion of the small business community; about 24 million strong. What you might consider “small businesses” are in reality “micro-businesses,” or businesses with fewer than ten employees and less than $1 million in sales. These businesses make up the foundation of many communities: retail storefronts, dry cleaners, flower shops, restaurants, accountants, doctor’s offices and more. Their contribution to local economies across the country is huge and that’s why all of us should support Small Business Saturday on November 29.

The Best Mobile Business Apps to Make Your Job Easier which sells office shredders and equipment, based in Dublin, Ireland has put together an interesting infographic

Make it Your Business to Understand Big Data

"Big data" is a loosely defined concept that involves a lot of technical jargon, the benefits of which have traditionally only been realized by corporate juggernauts that have the resources, personnel and capacity to warehouse, extract, sort and utilize mountains of raw data.

But big data is not that complicated.

What features a perfect project management tool needs to have?

The increased complexity, pressing demands of projects have forced more and more businesses to look for such solutions that would allow them to manage their projects in a smoother and faster way. The traditional methods of managing projects like conducting meetings, using pen and paper, etc. are not that much efficient for managing modern day projects. These consume a lot of time besides jacking up the costs. So businesses need better and easy solutions for managing them.

New Business Can Lead to New Revenue

Establishing and maintaining new revenue streams is crucial not just for expansion, but simply for surviving as a small-business owner. If sales have plateaued and you are simply treading water, you're only one or two lost clients away from catastrophe.

You should always be looking for leads, and nurturing those leads, until they become new revenue streams.

How Does Your Company Break Workplace Stress?

When I worked a 9-5 job, taking breaks was critical to my performance. Unfortunately, this is not the norm for most Americans.

In fact, only 20 percent of employees actually leave their desk to eat lunch.

Not only could this be affecting your performance at work, it also could be making you view your job as less fun and more stressful.

Rules of a Successful Business Lunch

There is nothing that important in business relations as being able to plan and organize successful business lunches. They are very important as they can be real deal breakers. People have reported that they have chosen whether to do or not to do business with somebody based on their impression from the business lunch. It is all about finding the perfect balance between making it a social event and a real business meeting.

20 Things You Should Know About Your Client

If you think you already found out all you need to know about your clients, you had better read these questions carefully. Reconsider devoting some time to researching your clients more and ask them about some of the issues below straightforwardly once you have the opportunity to do so.

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