Tips for Starting a Business That Will Succeed

The days of big companies that would give you a job when you are fresh out of the school and keep you there until the day you retire are gone. With the rise of internet and the total shift in the economy, more and more people start their own small businesses in search of financial security and decision making freedom. This is hard, challenging and risky. However, it is also amazingly rewarding and truly satisfying. Therefore, if you are about to start on your own, here are some tips from the successful small business owners.

3 Tips To Improve Customer Loyalty By 80%

Selling your product or service to a customer is hard. Getting these customers to pay you the second time is harder. At Priority Pickup, a Perth based airport transfer service, we realized early that our industry has cut-throat competition and is highly price-sensitive. As a business that offers luxury limousine rentals, our chauffeurs were priced higher than the regular cabs. Finding a loyal customer base was tough job.

Startups: Broadcast Your Brand Through Lesser-Known Channels

As the owner of a startup, you want to do everything you can to get the word out about your business, products and services. While you might understandably want to focus on getting your company name in the local paper, on TV and all over social media, there are also less common ways to help broadcast your brand. Consider using the following channels to help you refine and perfect your strategy.

What Really Drives Serial Entrepreneurs?

Being a serial entrepreneur requires taking great risks without any promise of reward, flourishing in the face of repeated stress and uncertainty and, often, dealing with unfamiliar tasks and industries. Though making a career based on constant change can keep a business owner from getting bored with routine, it’s not a path for the faint of heart, and begs the question of what makes a serial entrepreneur drawn to a world of professional uncertainty. Do serial entrepreneurs possess great instincts — or are they simply afraid of commitment? Here’s a look at what really drives serial entrepreneurs.

Freelancers - Are you charging enough?

Most freelancers take a sizeable pay cut when they become their own boss, and this is at least partly down to undercharging. Freelance rates can seem extortionate, particularly to someone not used to putting such a well-defined value on their time (particularly when coupled with a British reticence towards selling oneself).

How to Create Contagious Content for Your Company

We all know that sharing content is a great way to connect with your audience, but writing boring blog posts and cookie-cutter direct-mail campaigns isn't going to cut it. In an oversaturated marketplace, readers crave content that is useful, interesting, and, above all, share-worthy.

While not everything can be viral, having contagious content is one of the best - and cheapest -ways to reach both current and potential customers. Read on for tips on creating content that will take on a life of its own.

4 Simple Steps to Improve Personnel Safety In The Workplace

Workplace safety should be a top priority by employers. Government regulations already require commercial buildings to be up to date with certain regulations such as handicap accessibility and fire control.

Fire Hazard Management

Commercial buildings must have fire alarm systems that are approved by local zoning laws and safety codes. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors must be installed in central locations inside enclosed spaces.

Record Breaking Recalls: What GM is Doing to Save Face

General Motors has recalled an astonishing 66 different vehicle models in 2014 alone. In total, around 30 million GM vehicles have been recalled this year. This represents the largest automobile recall year on record, and we're only 8 months into 2014. 

Why GM Owners Shouldn't Be Concerned
While the recalls are seemingly endless, consumers should not be concerned with purchasing a new or used General Motors vehicle.

Protecting Your Trademark in the World of Social Media

These days, businesses of all types are turning to social media as a way to better reach and connect with customers, potential customers and brand fans. And as the number of businesses joining the social media landscape continues to rise, so too does the chance of trademark violations. As the owner of a small- or medium-sized business, is there anything you can do to help protect your trademark in our increasingly social world? The short answer is “yes.” Let’s take a look at the top three things businesses need to know when it comes to protecting your trademark on social media:

Company Crash Tests: Risks You Should Always Be Willing to Take

It’s unquestionable that you must take chances to accomplish anything life or in business, however a lot of us are fearful or reluctant to take the initial leap. Whenever risks are involved, something is always at stake. Typically in business, you stand to lose cash, reputation and time. But, you also stand to gain cash, reputation and time when you take the chance. The negatives of taking risks can also be the positives if you look at them in the right way.

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