Components of Great Marketing Strategy: Plan, Execute, Measure, and Adjust

Most startups and early stage companies spend all of their time developing products (and they should). Marketing products fall on the back burner and when the time comes to actually doing it, it is often done with haste.  In this article, I’d like to outline a simple marketing strategy that will allow entrepreneurs to successfully market their products. The strategy is comprised of four parts: plan, execute, measure and adjust.

Is Your Company Dialed-in to the Right Phone System?

No matter what your business, your phone system is a key piece of kit that you can't do without.

As with everything else in the business world, phone systems are always evolving, and the future of the business phone looks very different from the traditional private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems that many businesses still have today.

How to Prioritize Your Small Business Budget

Starting a new business can be a fun and challenging adventure. However you have to have some money to earn money. That start-up capital can be put to good use if you have the right budget. The following are some of the best ways to prioritize a small business budget.

Step One: Identify Goals

Five Essentials Every Business Needs To Meet Demands Of Consumers

The ability to meet consumer demand in a timely and efficient manner is critical for businesses of all types and sizes. As your consumer base increases, so does your responsibility to supply the product or service they need. Here are five essentials every business owner needs to reach their quota.

Advertising Benefits in Virtual Space

The Internet has enabled the fastest and smoothest flow of information in the history of humankind. We can find out whatever we would like to know about any event or person from any part of the world or the past. Now that everything is at a click of a computer mouse, it would be logical that such a system is based on equal chances and desires to share knowledge and information. However, while we really can access hundreds of relevant sites on any topic, the truth is that the whole mechanism of the Internet is based on competition and business race of unprecedented value. And advertising has a great role in all these processes.

5 Common Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

Let's face it; almost everyone dreams of being their own boss, having financial freedom, and working with something that they are not only passionate about but something that they created from the ground up. All of these things are very appealing but, do you truly have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? I would like to point out five traits that I have found to be common amongst all successful entrepreneurs.

Holiday Business Tips For Success

The holiday shopping season signals a busy time for merchants and it’s important that businesses know how to prepare for the biggest holiday shopping season. Read on to see how to attain sales goals, develop pricing strategies and launching a successful marketing campaign.  

4 Secrets of Running a Successful Specialty Food Business

Starting any type of small business is a difficult task. The idea can be especially daunting when your dreams rest upon a specialty-food establishment. Given that nearly half of all restaurants fail in the first couple of years after opening, hopeful chefs must take advantage of every resource that is available to them. The following advice from the experts will allow you to start off on the best possible foot.

Four Ways Every Entrepreneur Can (and should) Protect Their Intellectual Property

Let’s face it, intellectual property is not a mouthwatering topic when compared to white hot discussions about profit margins, ROI and the financial benefits of near-sourcing. Yet, neglecting to protect your intellectual property can lead your company straight into the rocks. For entrepreneurs, who usually lack the resources for protracted legal battles, protecting IP proves even more important. So what can you do to protect your valuable intellectual property?

Essential Business Insurance for Freelancers

Freelancing has risen in popularity over the past few years, with more and more people opting to manage their own skills, and earn a living independently. What a lot of freelancers don’t realise, however, is that they could be vulnerable to many of the same risks as a more traditional business is – and that these risks can be protected against by having the proper business insurance in place. Some of the more common polices that a freelancer may consider are listed below, but remember, this is in no way an exhaustive list, and each freelancer should seek their own advice from an insurance professional before purchasing policies.

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