One Page Business Plan

It doesn’t have to be the New Year to make new resolutions. In business we call these goals. If you then add specific plans and actions to achieve these goals, you are well on your way to creating a business plan.

While some successful businesses have lengthy and detailed business plans, they don’t have to be. Why make things more complicated than they have to be? You can create a business page on a single page. That’s right! One page is enough to provide clarity for you, your staff, potential investors and clients. This is a classic example of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).

How Do You Add Feeling To Your Products?

As humans, we tend to feel things, all the time. Joy, happiness, sadness, intrigue, disgust…. the list goes on. When it comes to purchasing products many consumers base their decisions on what to buy off of how they feel. Recently, Father’s Day was a time everybody felt the need to dedicate some lovely gifts to the man who brought them to this world. And businesses used the same concept to generate more sales and earn the goodwill of their employees and customer base. This is why it is so important to make sure that any products you are selling invoke the right feeling in your customers. But how exactly do you add feeling to your products?

3 Mistakes to Avoid when Setting up your Business

Starting a business can be exciting and challenging at the same time. It often gives excitement to people who are eager to offer a new product or service that they think will meet the needs of their target audience. But it is also a challenging process because of the work involved before the launch and during the period you are sustaining the business moving forward. This applies to any type of enterprise regardless of size.

How Psychology Can Play a Part in Your Marketing Campaigns

There is a close connection between psychology and advertising. The best marketers and copywriters have always understood that in order to influence people, they have to understand how the human mind works. That is why so much has been written and hypothesized about the psychology of advertising. You can take advantage of this connection in your own marketing campaigns by keeping a few key principles in mind.

Lessons to Learn from Celebrity Businesses That Failed

Celebrities, from singers and actors to directors and athletes, have all the money to start their own business but unfortunately, not all end up successful. Many of them often start with great excitement as they are able to fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams. Towards the end, however, certain things go out of control resulting in the failure of their business.

Businesses need to make sales and earn revenue to survive in a very competitive setting. When sales goals are not met for extended periods, there's a likelihood that the enterprise may fail with the owner forced to declare bankruptcy.

Motivated Employees Can Make All the Difference in a Successful Company: Read This!

Employees are the most valuable asset in any business. Time and money invested in training can be quickly recouped when a motivated employee assists in driving the company forward. All businesses should spend time explaining the company goals to employees and ensuring that every employee feels a part of these goals. This will ensure they remain committed and loyal and thereby assist the company in achieving its goals.

Encourage Your Employees to Pull Together on Saving Money

Whether you run a company with thousands of employees, hundreds, a few dozen or even just a handful, are you encouraging all your workers to do their part to save the company money?

As many business owners have discovered in recent years, even the smallest of efforts on the part of management and employees to save money can make a difference in the company’s overall bottom line. When management and workers pull together to save green, everyone on staff ultimately is the better for it.

Is Monetizing Your Site a Proven Cash Cow?

No doubt you've heard about how easy it is to monetize your business site.

If the Internet crowd is to be believed, you can make enough money to live on just by monetizing your site. And apparently, if moneyjunkie and livinthedreembuddy are correct, it doesn't matter if your site is a blog about ceramic elephant collecting or a review site about damask tablecloths.

Do You Have Control of Your Business Communications?

Communications are a cornerstone of any business, but sometimes your business communications can start growing out of control.

From mixed messages to a growing pile of emails, unchecked business communications can slow your business down and cause confusion for your team.

Why is regaining control of your business communications important, and what can you do to help facilitate that?

The Idea of SMS Marketing Works

Have you embraced SMS marketing for your business?

SMS is a flexible and cost effective marketing method that can be used alone or alongside other marketing channels, with plenty of benefits for your business. 

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