Best Social Media Campaigns of 2014

Over the past 5 years, we’ve seen a plethora of fun and interesting ways that brands are coming up with to grab people’s attention. Through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, amazing things are happening between brands and their customers that allow for a ton of exposure for the companies, and benefits for the users involved. It’s truly a win-win for all marketers out there looking to connect better and in more meaningful ways with their supporters. Listed here are some of 2014’s most amazing social media campaigns (so far) that all brands can learn a thing or two from.

How To Run A Business From Your Tablet

According to the American Barista and Coffee School, Oregon is the new Mecca for coffee and cafes. With a coffee shop on every corner, today’s entrepreneur has new opportunities in mobile business. E-commerce and free Wi-Fi have made office fronts obsolete for many business models. Many businesses, especially services, can be run from a tablet as long as you have Internet connection and the right applications.

Put Your Business on a Diet: Running A Lean Startup

Most entrepreneurs with their own startup fall victim to the "if only I had more funding" bug at one time or another. Many of us think that additional funding is the key to a successful startup. But in falling prey to this sort of mindset, we're unconsciously limiting our ability to run a successful business.

Negotiation - is it art or science?

Some people see negotiations as art; others on the other hand, are 100% confident that it's science behind the whole process. What do you need to succeed? No MBA or degree will ever help you master negotiations. For that to happen, you need experience. The key to success when negotiating a deal is to be prepared for the unexpected. In business, anything can happen, especially when your counterparts are more skilled than you. Always have a plan B in mind, and keep your calm no matter what. There are different types of negotiation styles; some are more aggressive than others, so you shouldn't be afraid to speak up even if an opponent approaches a deal with an overly confident attitude.

Become the Exception and Not the Rule: Tips for Business Success

As you are probably aware of, owning and managing your own business is no easy feat. According to Forbes Magazine, 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months. This staggering number is due to a number of causes, many of which can be prevented by taking the right steps to ensure that your business stays on track. You certainly do not want to be part of the above statistic. Not only do you lose your investment, but you also somehow forfeit your dream. Below are a few of the best tips to incorporate into your business to ensure that you are the exception and not the rule.

Lead the Way to New Customers

Running a small business, to some, is considered a never-ending job.

There's always something that needs to be done - whether that's fine-tuning a product, adding additional products or services, managing employees, hiring new employees, balancing the account, keeping current customers coming back, trying to gain new customers and more.

Relationships Marketing Strategies

This article will serve as an introduction to the concept of relationship marketing, and a primer on how to effectively build strong relationships with two distinct groups. The first group we’ll look at is potential customers, next we’ll talk about keeping the relationship strong with existing customers or clients. Are you ready to see things in a new light?

5 Mistakes Startups Make, and How to Avoid Them

Nobody said starting a brand new business from the ground up would be easy.

Seasoned and novice entrepreneurs alike will be all-too aware of the eventuality of encountering obstacles and pitfalls whilst both setting up their business, and running it day-to-day.

Finding the Right Insurance Plan at the Right Price

SHOP, Obamacare's small business insurance marketplace, won't become fully operational until the fall of 2014.

However, in the meantime small business owners who are trying to decide whether to offer health insurance coverage to their employees can preview available plans and get price estimates.

How Industrial Marketing Influences Long-Term Success

Making sales is an obvious essential of a business's prosperity and expansion. Yet, even a company with a strong sales force needs to dedicate resources to a robust long-term marketing plan. Sales and marketing are usually packaged as a duo for business. However, in reality, they are separate business processes with different objectives. A marketer focuses on the needs of the target customer, according to Marketects founder Kerry O'Malley. Conversely, a sales representative focuses on matching the customer need with the product or service being offered.

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