Economies Of Scale With Label Printing

There is a wide acceptance of the fact that unit costs are reduced as the size of a manufacturing run increases, allowing economies of scale. There are many other factors to consider, however, before rushing into an increase in output simply to reduce the unit cost. Other considerations have to include the potential demand for the goods, whether they have a limited shelf life and whether there are outside influences that might affect the potential market in the near future.

Getting SWOT Analyses Right

Most of us have probably taken part in a whole boatload of SWOT analyses. Certainly, in my time as a marketing consultant, companies have shared numerous SWOT analyses with me. They all seem rather basic, Marketing 101 kind of stuff. Yet, just because SWOT analyses are basic does not mean that most companies carry them out well, or that they even get them right.

Using Technology to Reduce Risks

For facilities managers, minimizing risks where possible is an important part of keeping the most appropriate and safe working environment for staff, and keeping a business' facilities in tip top shape. 

Facilities management is a fine balancing act, and facilities managers may find they have to keep up to date on a wealth of information in order to do their job effectively. That's where technology comes in.

How Quickly Is The Forex Market Going to Affect Your Business in 2015?

The world economy has seen a major upturn of events through the New Year. The first quarter seems extremely volatile this year owing to the rapid changes around oil price rise, deflation and their impacts on the forex market. With repeated assurance from Saudi Arabia, the forex market had assured itself that the dollar will perform well at the beginning of 2015. But recent news about the Eurozone going into deflation and German surplus affecting global economy, more than expected, have taken everyone by surprise. Economies are now running up their records to see which direction the currency would turn and how businesses around the world would need to gear up to meet the changing scenario. In this situation, it would be worthwhile to assess your position as a business owner and check if the forex market and its damages are going to befall your priceless business at all.

Is Your Business Intelligence Right on for 2015?

It's 2015.

As the following article looks at, are you still trying to figure out the answer to big data vs. market research: which can increase your business intelligence?

The answer is; you have to use them in tandem if you really want to get ahead of your competitors.

Here's why, and here's how.

Running an SMB: Where You Can Expect to Spend in 2015

With 47% of SMBs having more confidence in the current state of the economy, we were curious as to where business owners are planning to spend their hard earned cash this year. Based on results from our 2015 State of Small Business Report, here are three areas your small business can expect to spend money in 2015:

7 Things to do Before Moving Your Business Internationally

Making the decision to expand internationally is one of the most monumental moments in a company’s history. Because it is such a major decision, you need to make sure that you plan properly. If you don’t have the proper groundwork laid, it will make it very difficult for your company to succeed in a foreign country.

Is Your Branding Idea Getting Traction?

No matter what product or service you offer the public, branding is an essential part of getting your message out there.

In a day and age when the economy is still a struggle for millions of consumers, reaching out to them takes a sizable amount of effort. From paper advertisements to email to social media to mobile marketing, there are many avenues businesses and marketers can go down in order to reach their audiences.

7 Easy Ways to Sell Your Business

To sell business fast and at a fair price is the main goal of several business owners. To be honest, this is really a frustrating task, especially when you get very low offers. If you want to sell your business in the best way then it is very important to understand the whole selling process in detail. Apart from this, if you wish you can take help of a Florida business broker who will help you to sell your business fast.

Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make and How to Avoid Them!

Everyone knows that running a small business of any sort is no easy task. There are one hundred and one things that could go wrong, and so many balls to keep in the air. With so much going on, it can be easy for a small business owner to get it wrong. Whatever your industry, there are some common pitfalls that are common to nearly all of them. Here are some of the worst pitfalls, along with some handy hints to help you try to avoid them in future:

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