Ways to Help Your Small Business Survive the Early Years

Starting a small business requires passion and a desire to offer customers a product in a way you feel isn't available currently.  Anyone who takes the risk and effort of doing this should be applauded, for it is anything but easy.   The next challenging part though is staying open during those first five years.  That takes determination, creativity and resourcefulness.  They say most new businesses fail within the first few years, but if you can make it to roughly the 4-5 year mark you have probably got things figured out and are in pretty good shape.

How to Protect Your Small Business from Cybercrime

Hardly a week goes by without mention in the news of a company being hacked. For consumers, this means that their sensitive data really gets around. Since cyber criminals often leave no trace for authorities to go on, victims find themselves with little more to do than blame the business being hacked. The following five methods will help your small business avoid being the next target of cyber criminals.

Get Your Social Media Kicking

Your social media needs a good strong heartbeat when you are running a business.

You need to keep it alive and kicking, and not let it get in a slump, or worse, end up on life support.

It's tough sometimes to find the time and the motivation to liven up your social media, but if you do, it can do wonders for your business.

Productivity Through Time Management

You can’t add more hours to the day, but you can make the most of the time you have by increasing workday efficiency. Here are some time management tips all small-business owners should consider to improve their productivity:

Clear the clutter.  Having a cluttered desk negatively impacts your productivity in more ways than one. Not only does visual clutter lead to distraction, feelings of being overwhelmed with too much to do (and no clear place to begin), and wasted time looking through various piles for files and folders, it can even hinder your ability to lead and form important business relationships.

The Basics Of Business IT - Everything You Need To Succeed

In today’s digital world almost every business needs technology to succeed. In this infographic Exigent Networks (http://www.exigentnetworks.ie/solutions/managed-services/) have outlined the crucial phone systems, operating systems, and software systems that business can benefit from. With new innovations emerging every day it can often be difficult to track the basic IT tools your business needs.

6 Easy Steps to Create a Fruitful Marketing Report

For any business, big or small, marketing reports serve a significant purpose. They play an important role in monitoring and examining the work flow of the department. But, often the value of marketing is underestimated, and they ultimately fail to reach the mark. Poor reports provide very little value or lack enough guidance for the company for future investments. But, it does not have to be that way. So, here we have stated six crucial ways to make sure your marketing reporting is fruitful, to determine the value of your effort and investment to the entire business.

Time to Move Your Office?

Whether you are looking for a larger space, cheaper rent or have other reasons for moving your office, you have several things to consider when selecting the new location.

Since you probably will have to sign a lease for several years, you want to make certain that you make the right decision.

The Biggest Reasons Why Banner Ads Still Work

The reports of banner ads' death are greatly exaggerated. Seriously, to hear half the internet tell it, we're long past checking for a pulse, we're hammering in the nails. But there's life in banners yet. No matter how mauled the medium has been recently, there's still plenty of reasons for companies to consider launching a banner campaign.

10 Steps for Sales Success

Successful sales people are often described as having been born that way. This is not necessarily true as the ability to charm does not guarantee a successful sales career. Many charismatic individuals have failed to produce favorable results when placed in a sales position. This is good news for entrepreneurs who find themselves having to be the company salesperson. For many, it is not a roll they are have not been trained for or have comfort with. Since getting new customers is crucial to business success companies must have a selling process in place.

3 Effective Tips For Business Expense Management In 2015

Too often, company owners looking to achieve a high rate of business growth are overly focused on revenue generation to a point where they start neglecting the importance of proactively managing business expenses.

Maintaining tight control over variable and other type of expenses is essential for reducing costs and maximizing profits in your corporation. To date, there is no 100% fool proof method for completely streamlining expense management for any business.

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