Do You Pay Your Employees Enough?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average raise is going to be less than 1%.

Many small businesses think they can't even afford that much, so they forego raises altogether. The problem with this mindset is that in reality, most businesses can't afford not to give raises.

Get Behind the Idea of Big Data

Is your small business making the most of big data?

Big data is no longer limited to large companies; many small businesses are turning to big data for the helpful insights and competitive advantage it offers them.

So just why does your business need big data? And what are some of the ways in which small businesses like yours are using big data to improve their performance and their profits?

Top 10 One-Person Startups (infographic)

Many successful businesses started with just one person who had a vision and the technical skills to deliver it to the world. Popular new sites like Techmeme, Newsblur, Instapaper and Duckduckgo started out this way which makes the costs of operating much more bearable in the beginning.

Creating a Highly Motivated Work Force: Four Methods to Consider

The term “synergy” gets thrown around a lot at meetings (which often is accompanied by groans) but although it’s a term employees are tired of hearing, it’s still a goal to achieve to create an effective work force that easily communicates and completes important tasks.

When a team is motivated they are likely to get more done, plain-and-simple. The employees feel a collective investment and pride in the work they do, which greatly improves the customer experience & satisfaction.

4 Tactics to Boost up your Business Limits in the Market

The trail of business is full of risks and challenges. In order to stay in the market, your enterprise needs to be in constant renewal process. You have to make a renewal plan or a project to make the flow of the business premises break the horizons. Keep yourself updated with the situation prevailing in the market and spend some time in the side by, to rebuild reenergize and reignite the PR of your business and promotional strategies.

Is Your Small Business Plugged in to a Call Center?

The voice on the phone - or lack thereof - that a customer reaches when calling your business solidifies their first impression of your enterprise and sets the tone for the entire customer service experience.

As your small business grows, your phone reception system must grow with it, and eventually a landline or mobile phone isn't going to suffice.

Want to Expand Your Customer Base? Five Things You'll Need to Do Differently

The secret to a healthy business is steady growth. Without growth, a business will often stagnate and eventually become irrelevant. Growth, however, comes only from a widening customer base, and to maintain that, you’ll need to have a plan in place. By following these tactics, you’ll be able to set (and achieve) higher growth goals.

Inventory Management 101

When your business transactions take place online, efficient and accurate inventory management is a key aspect of keeping cash flow at optimal levels while ensuring that you have the appropriate products in stock to satisfy consumer demand. Here are a few simple ways to establish sound processes for streamlining your inventory management when you sell online.

Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

With the increasing advent of new technologies and business apps, customers are turning to these novel ways with a fast rate to find products and services. When you decide to expand your online venture, considering mobile marketing is beneficial. There are numerous winning mobile marketing tactics, which will let your customers find you easily while on the move.

The Good Boss: The Link between Working from Home and Employee Happiness

Happy employees are hard to come by in this day and age. According to a Gallup-Healthways estimate, the cost of America’s disengagement conundrum is at a jaw-dropping $300 billion in lost productivity annually. This begs the question, why are workers so unhappy at work? Productivity is directly linked to how engaged and motivated workers behave in their environment. As a business owner, you can tackle this feeling of malaise head-on by offering your employees options that will give them agency to choose how they work and increase company productivity in the process. Read to learn how to create an environment of well-being at your workplace to promote and ultimately, increase productivity.

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