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Tom Klausen is the President of First Vancouver Financial Services, Ltd., and a consultant in the small business field. He works with small business owners, lenders, consultants and accountants throughout the U.S. and Canada. Tom has been involved in the alternative lending field for more 27 years, participating in hundreds of successful fundings, and has written and published numerous articles on the topic of alternative finance. Reach Tom by phone at (604) 988-1490 (in Canada) or (206) 947-0912 (in the U.S.) or by email at TKlausen@fvf.[email protected].

Suzy Oubre is the principal and founder of Alliance Commercial Credit Group in Portland, Ore. Her company specializes in providing alternative financing solutions to small businesses throughout the Western United States. Oubre has been helping businesses meet cash flow challenges for the past 17 years by providing creative financing solutions. To learn more, visit or contact Suzy directly at (877) 594-9423 or [email protected].


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