How Business Owners Can Prepare for Disasters

A business owner must wear many hats in order to be successful. There are employees to manage, financial decisions to be made, budgets to be balanced, and marketing efforts to approve. One thing that often goes unrecognized amidst the business and chaos is the need for a disaster preparedness plan.


You as a business owner need to ensure that your business is legally protected and prepared for all types of emergencies, from break-ins to hurricanes. Putting standards in place to ensure a safe and fair workplace for all employees, having an evacuation plan, and preparing for your business for a natural disaster are all important steps to take.

How to Earn an Income with a Profitable Online Side-Hustle

You might be wondering what a side-hustle is and why you want one. A side-hustle is something that you do to earn money outside of your regular job, bringing you in an additional source of income. While some people are happy to run a side-hustle as a hobby, for others it can become even more profitable than their usual job, allowing them to quit and become their own boss. If you have a business idea that you have always dreamed of doing, or would like to earn some extra money in your spare time, then starting a side-hustle might be good for you. Here is a guide on how to get started.

[Infographic] High-Street Retail Sector Exposed in New Survey

A new survey has revealed some surprising findings on the high-street retail sector. The survey, which was conducted by pop up stand supplier Display Wizard, questioned retail businesses of between 1 – 25 employees on the ups and downs of running their business.

Mainly focusing on independent stores as well as cafés, restaurants and bars, business owners were quizzed on a selection of topics from their most effective form of advertising to the biggest threats to their business. The results were compiled into the infographic below, which contains some truly surprising insights into the industry.

Demand, To Be Heard

Just two weeks ago, I was in the hospital.

Don’t worry, nothing serious. Totally routine, completely planned, in and out in a single day, surgery.

I was, however, “put under,” which means that they pay close attention to what you’re wearing, what you’ve eaten and, of course, your vital signs.

In the four hours I was there, they took my blood pressure and temperature at least five times (and that was just while I was conscious).

Why Your SME Should Work With Tax Professionals?

Small and medium enterprises often don’t exhibit the needed diligence in filing tax returns. In many cases, they leave it for the last minute. Also, many of them want to fulfill this legal compliance on their own. Although you are not officially bound to hire professionals to prepare and file returns on your behalf, it is still the best option that you have for many of its functional implications.

Before we delve into the benefits of getting professional tax experts on board, it is important to understand why SMEs usually refrain from using their services in the first place.

Make Your Workplace More Productive With These 5 Tech Tools

Offices used to be about bland cubicles, fax machines, and Rolodexes. Now they are all about getting the job done. Offices used to be about hierarchies and rigid structures, now they are about getting the job done and maximizing productivity. Managers are breaking down doors, sometimes literally to increase transparency. Leading the way in this revolution is a slew of tech tools that have transformed the workplace.

1- Slack

When emails were invented, they were considered a blazing breakthrough. They signaled a seismic shift in communication. No more writing letters, no more stamps. Fast forward to 2018 and emails, though ubiquitous, have become the bane of every executive. Open your phone in the morning and you have a hundred or so emails.

6 Simple Changes That Will Make You a Better Salesperson

Working in sales isn’t easy. Whether you are working directly with clients or you do your selling over the phone, making sales is an art and a science rolled into one. Success as a salesperson will depend on your ability to connect quickly with people that you speak to and to be persuasive without putting people off.

Developing your sales patter is the kind of thing that requires experience; the more you do it, the better you get. However, there are numerous things that you can decide to change at any point that will help you in raising your sales numbers as high as they will go. If you want to improve your conversion rate and make sure you are taking home as many commissions are possible, these are the tips you need to remember.


The deadline to apply for the 20th Small Business Grant is May 19, 2019. Only 6 days left before the registration phase closes forever.

…this is your last chance. There are only a few days left. Apply now!

By taking this step of faith, you will be running the chance to get a cash infusion for your business to propel it into a spiral of success.

Setting Up Your Start-Up Business

There are around 30 million small businesses in the United States alone, which make up 99.9% of all US businesses. However, not every business is set for success since there is so much competition in the market. So, when you plunge into the tough marketplace, it is important to ensure that your business is set up on a solid foundation.

Here are some steps that you need to complete in order to take your business off the ground successfully.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Workday

If the monotony of day-to-day life has blunted your enthusiasm, it’s time to break the mold of your daily structure. In the workplace, specifically, boredom runs rampant. As a result, workers lose their mojo and begin indulging in activities that otherwise hinder their production. If you’re prone to distraction and are looking for ways to revive your spirits, here are some ways you can maximize your workday.

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