Growing on a Tight Budget: how to expand your small business yet save money

According to Oberlo, 29% of new businesses failed because of the lack of financial sources. Running out of cash is one of the most widespread reasons for failure. Even businesses with good long-term prospects face cash difficulties making further steps. Quite often, small businesses have to work hard to make a profit that can hardly cover all the costs. Risk and uncertainty are your best friends when you are developing your own business.

How Custom Software Could Benefit Your Small Business

In an era of data-driven business operations, having the right tools and solutions to support your business ops is more important than ever. There are plenty of existing solutions to choose from and many of them are designed to support a specific part of your operation.

However, the available solutions are geared more towards enterprises and large corporations, with complex needs and longer workflows. For small businesses, adopting modern business solutions can pose some challenges of its own.

How to Boost Productivity for Your Startup Business

Are you realizing now that running a successful startup is a more significant challenge than you ever expected? Setting up and running a startup is not easy by any standards. It is so much like a firefighting task that needs to be performed daily. Getting the funding, finding the right talent, keeping the team motivated, managing, monitoring them, taking care of their comfort, time management, and so on, the list seems to be never-ending. 

Best Way to Remove Negative Reviews on Yelp

Negative reviews can hurt your business’s reputation significantly, both online and in-person. But it can cause even more damage when statements made in those reviews are undeniably false. On the positive side, false statements can actually be the final reason why you can get a negative review removed from the site, so pay attention to everything we talk about in this article today. Yelp review removal is not as difficult as other review sites, but it can still create a challenge, depending upon the situation.

Guide to Helping Your Employees Stay Healthy while Working from Home

The lives of workers seem to have been changing every day for quite some time now. With the recent emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, one more massive change occurred. It presents us with new challenges and uncertainties to overcome. So, whether you're an owner of a business, a team leader, or just an employee, this article can be very useful to you. It's a guide to helping your employees stay healthy while working from home.

11 Good Practices For Your B2b Website

We have grouped into 11 practices and some tips to make your website stand out and get better conversion and lead generation results.

Let's get started:


The web as a seller makes it very clear to the visitor from the beginning what is its value proposition of the company, what it does, and what it can do for him as a customer.

How Can You Get a Satisfactory SAP Calculation for Your Building? Your Top Questions Answered

SAP calculations or assessments are a necessary test for any building project, particularly if you are planning to sell or rent out your building or development in the future. The assessment is performed by an assessor, but it's important to remember that the assessor you choose should be fully versed in the evolving regulations regarding SAP assessments so they can give you the best test – and advice. But there are indeed other ways to get a more favourable rating and assessment, and by knowing what you can do, you can even save extra money if you don't have to deal with a retrospective adjustment in the end. So how can you get a satisfactory SAP calculation for your building? Here, your top questions are answered.

How to Sell More amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

It is no news that some of the most iconic businesses are shutting down. Lord & Taylor, the oldest departmental store in the US, just recently filed for bankruptcy. So has Stein Mart, a retailer founded in 1908 and which employs over 9,000 people. 

Reduced consumer spending, government restrictions, and measures such as social distancing are hurting almost every business today. But there is hope. 

What makes On-demand Business Model a Successful Strategy for Entrepreneurs?

The combination of on-demand businesses and mobile apps has drastically changed our lives. As per statista, revenue in on-demand business is estimated to reach US$70,741 million (approx.) in 2020. Now you don’t need to stand in a queue for your food or wave your hands to get a taxi. You can get them by making a few clicks over your smartphone.

On-demand businesses are growing due to the faster growth rate and vast business opportunities. Over the last few years, on-demand applications have become immensely popular in multiple industry verticals like food, healthcare, travel and transportation, grocery, fuel, automobile, and e-commerce.

10 Reasons for Customer Churn That Your Company Needs to Address

The idea that companies must focus on customer retention has become so entrenched that entrepreneurs avoid taking any risks, especially when it comes to customer experiences.


But have modern business owners really cracked the code to put a full stop to customer churn?

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