Getting Started in the Gig Economy

Have you heard of the “gig economy”? Well, you’re living in it. Because the term is somewhat new, there’s still disagreement about what it means, but the consensus seems to be that it’s a description of our current marketplace, in which companies use freelancers and independent contractors more often than full-time employees. Many people speculate that the gig economy has proliferated as a result of digitalization. With the internet, people’s skill-sets have become specialized, allowing them to bid for work that companies post online. By some estimates, 53 million people currently work freelance in the United States. So, if you’re interested in starting your own gig-based business, you may be one of many – and that’s a good thing. Here are some tips and advice to start out and to generate sales to get your business up and running.

5 Mistakes that Businesses Often Make

Starting a business is analogous to cracking a hard nut. But there are two things which are more difficult for any business – sustaining a reputation and avoiding life-taking mistakes.  Undeniably, businesses are mistake-prone. Plus, nothing is permanent. However, these are 5 big mistakes that businesses of all niches and industries make that cost them failure, loss of money and people’s interest and so much more.

8 Home Based Businesses that Earn You Money Quickly

While many of us are inclined towards a 9 to 5 occupational approach, on the other side, there also exists a bunch of people who has an urge to set up a business to make a fast buck. One can hanker after such methods of stacking up on money for a multitude of reasons.

Be it yearning for control over work or whether it is about granting oneself an opportunity for freedom and flexibility. It sounds like an absolute groundbreaking deal!

Tips to Avoid Letting Your Competitors Take Over Your Advertising Game

You want to find a way to keep the interest of your target customers. Showing them a variety of marketing materials might help in making them recall your products. The problem is that your competitors might also be doing the same. They will try everything possible to stay on top of the game. Even if you’re currently in the lead, it won’t last forever when your competitors are already doing what they can to gain more attention. As such, these tips might be useful to you.

Back to Marketing Basics: 5 Must-Haves for SMB Success

The success of every business is dependent on its ability to successfully promote, advertise, market, and sell its products and services to buyers and clients. So, knowing what advertising channels, media, ad type, format, and a host of other things are crucial to you having a successful marketing campaign that opens the floodgates and pours money in your front door.

However, to do this, you need first to decide on the marketing channel. This is important because there’s so much push for online marketing that businesses forget the potency of traditional marketing. When used correctly, traditional marketing can make some serious impact on your revenue and profits. However, to succeed in traditional marketing, you need to know and have the following essentials.

5 Reasons High-Speed Internet is Crucial for Business

The number of online businesses, at the moment, is at its all-time high; however, even offline businesses need to have a strong digital presence to survive. There’s a statistic that claims that about 78 percent of local mobile searches result in offline sales. With that in mind, it’s clear that the internet might just be your main tool for making it in the business world. While how you use the tool in question may be a far more important question, there’s also the issue of just how sophisticated the tool actually is. When it comes to the internet, the first thing that everyone inquires about is the speed. There’s a reason for this - well, several of them. Here are the top five that we decided to include in the list.

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Save Money And Spur Growth

Saving money and reducing costs should be an ongoing concern for any business from the moment they begin trading. As your business grows, the effects of even small inefficiencies in your spending can be multiplied and grow into a serious source of needless expenditure.

Below are 5 tips any small business can follow to streamline their spending without sacrificing their rate of growth.

A More Creative Approach: Catch Clients with Custom Marketing

Gone are the days of advertising to the masses hoping to convert new customers. Now, custom marketing is making all the buzz in catching the attention of a selected target group of individuals. Here are a few creative ways that you can employ custom marketing for your business.


What Is Custom Marketing?

Also referred to as personalized marketing, this type of marketing works by advertising to a select group of people instead of just any ole customer. By employing the use of tracking software to understand the interests of their target audience, businesses can then use that knowledge to their advantage when advertising. It could be giving out promotional items that meet the interest of their target group. For example, promotional water bottles for a physically active target market.

Building A Website For Your Business

The astronomical rise in technology and innovations has had a tsunami-like effect on society. Never before has technology been so deeply integrated into people's everyday lives. Today businesses have to compete in the digital playground that has ultimately changed the rules of the game. Without a website, your business will struggle to compete, leaving customers to search for their services in the dark.

How to Make Your Next Work Event Into a Success

There are so many benefits to throwing a great work event. They serve as opportunities where you can get to know your co-workers, and they’re a great way to “reward” the people you work with. In fact, work events can even boost employee morale. As a result, employees can be more motivated and more content in their position.


But, there can be some added pressure to putting on a great work event. You have to consider things like an event space, food, entertainment, invitations, and more. However, putting on a great event for your employees can quickly turn into an annual tradition if you do it the right way!

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