2017 Mother’s Day Social Media Ideas For Your Small Business

Mother’s day 2017 is right around the corner on May 14th. This day is one of the most emotional and hearty holidays, and you, as a business owner, cannot just ignore it.

Mother’s Day shoppers spent 21.4 billion in 2016, according to a 2017 shopping analysis. If social media is one of the highest performing marketing channels for your business (and even if it is not yet), you need to make the most out of it to drive those shoppers to your business.

Connecting with your fans, followers and customers over a holiday like Mother’s Day is bound to get some serious attention. Whether you’re a small business owner looking to get people to come out and shop gifts, or a small bakery recommending your place as the best spot in the area to take mom for brunch over the weekend, it’s the perfect opportunity for you. Without any doubt, you want your customers to think of your business first when they are doing something special for their mothers.

To make your social media most effective, make the holiday a centerpiece and get creative in order to stand out. Here are a few design templates to do exactly that while celebrating Mother’s day.

I hope they will spark plenty of ideas. Once you decide what to do, you can edit the design you love and make it fit your brand identity. (if you need a helping hand, you can write to us and we will prepare a custom design just for you). You can also use DigitalOcto smart publisher to reach your clients at the optimal time, so that they can see and interact with your posts.

So cute design (put your brand and you will rock) (edit the design)

Happy mother's day - feel special

Invite your customers to shop from you. Promote your best selling products (edit the design)

Ways to say love you mom

Show love with your brand message (edit the design)

Your day mama

Original message and a product - it's all about simplicity (edit the design)

Mom's worth every scent

This design is for bakery, but you can easily promote with it any other food business (edit the design)

Give your mom a day she won't forget

Touching message and discount - a good combination (edit the design)

Make your mom feel special

Thank you is a magic word (edit the design)

Thank you mom for everything you've done

If you need help with a design, do not hesitate to write. For more images and quotes for Mother's day, you can take a look at https://digitalocto.io/design/mothers-day/


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