April, 2023

Market Research Essentials for New Product Launches

Launching a new product in today’s business environment without conducting market research is a recipe for disaster. Market research is vital for every business, especially when it comes to launching a new product or service. Before investing heavily in launching the product, you must know that the product is going to hit the market with a bang. This is where market research comes in. In this post from Idea Cafe, we will discuss the market research essentials that are necessary before launching a new product or service.

How To Start a Clothing Brand: 7 easy steps to Follow

You are interested in starting a clothing brand but you aren’t sure what starting a brand implies. Then, it’s a good thing you’re here. We created this small guide about how to start a clothing brand.

With the help of these 7 easy steps, you can be a proud owner of a small clothing brand in no time. Let’s check out the steps.

Stabilising and Boosting Your Profit Margin: 3 Tips for SMEs

Starting a small business is no easy feat to accomplish, but breaking even can be an even more challenging task. Once you break even, the next challenge is that of maintaining and eventually sustainably growing your profits. As we can see, after the business’s initial inception, the overall profit margin will continue to be a consistently critical factor throughout an SME’s stages of stabilisation and growth. Taking a few hints from successful entrepreneurs who started small, let’s discuss a few pro tips that can help small business owners maintain and even grow their profit margins.

Small Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Parents

These days more and more parents are having issues handling the first few months of having a newborn. The problems stem from the fact that it's challenging to organize your work-life balance, even if you have maternity/paternity leave. With the right amount of motivation and research, many parents have also succeeded in starting their small businesses at home. Whether freelancing or creating your product line, anyone can become an entrepreneur with the proper guidance and resources. This blog post will give you a few small business ideas for stay-at-home parents. Hopefully, we'll be able to help you take advantage of the "at-home" opportunities that fit your lifestyle.