Idea Cafe Is Planning a Home Page Redesign Just in Time for Its 17th Birthday

Idea Cafe was designed over 16 years ago with the small business owner in mind and has since then generated a great community of small business owners. Thousands of you are coming to Idea Cafe every day to discover and discuss what matters most in your business life.  

Starting today, we're rolling out a new look of the home page, fulfilling our vision and commitment to help small business owners be more successful in their online adventure.

The new home page has a more polished, modern look with advanced navigational features allowing the regulars a more enjoyable and convenient experience.  It's a great place to start off so that you can keep up with things like starting a business, marketing, financing, small business grants, work at home & internet ecommerce, and so on.

But without any further ado, let’s see what’s new

A newer, simpler, and more modern design

We’ve revamped the entire Homepage experience with a new look and feel to make it easier to scan and find the information that matters most to you. This simpler and cleaner design makes it easier to navigate the page and quickly find the updates you’re looking for – whether that’s a news article or a guide on how to market your business online.

More relevant information up top

Now you can see the most important information at the top of the homepage. This makes it quick and easy to stay on top of things like trending topics, news, and the latest grant updates. Also, you will be able to see what the other users are sharing and discussing on the site, how they are running their business, and last but not least, what they are going through. This means, you’ll be spending less time hunting for information and more time discovering new ideas to accelerate your business.

New video section

A brand new feature designed to help you further promote your business is our video section. We invite you to create a video in which you can share useful tips and advice on different aspects of running and managing a small business or just your own business story. Then you can upload it on your own website or video sharing services like YouTube and send us an embed code we can use to feature your video on Idea Cafe's home page. Be the first at the spotlight!


We’re always looking for new ways to make the Homepage experience better, more efficient and a place where you can come every day to find like-minded people, get inspiration from other small business owners and find what you need to run a successful business. This is just the beginning of many more exciting, new features we plan to bring to the Homepage as well as to the whole site. After receiving your feedback on the new homepage we will continue to redesign the rest of the site.

We’ve also hit a pretty amazing milestone – there are nearly 94,000 small businesses registered to Idea Cafe. Want to join them and get access to all the free tools and resources that will enrich your online life? Get started now!

We look forward to having you check out our newly redesigned homepage. Happy exploring!


Great design! I love the way

Great design! I love the way you arrange things in your new home page. The color choices was excellent. It's good in the eyes. Love it.

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