3 Great Ways To Run A Business Online

There has never been a better time to set up an online business because the internet is experiencing explosive growth. Let us take a look at three great ways to run a business online.


1. Sell products by drop shipping

Drop shipping requires no major experience to set up. The business risk is small, and the operating expenses are low. The key thing to remember is that you don't purchase or manufacture and hold inventory yourself; you buy this at a reduced cost from a wholesaler who then packages it and ships it to your customer on your behalf. Your time and effort is simply put into finding those customers and making sales, usually through platforms such as Amazon, eBay or Etsy.

How it works

When a customer makes a purchase of a product you have advertised online, you get notified and get paid. You then purchase that product on behalf of your customer via a drop shipper (usually a manufacturer or wholesaler) for a lower price. The drop shipper takes the order and sends the product to the customer. Your gross profit is the difference between the customer’s purchase price and the price you paid.


2. Partner with an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is similar to drop shipping. The only thing you do own is an eCommerce website, and you offer your affiliate partner's products for sale on there.

How it works

Each product on your website is linked to the same product located on your affiliate partner's website. So, when a customer clicks on the product link they are taken to your affiliate partner to make the purchase. The purchase is recorded, and you receive a commission.


3. Become a blogger

If you have a lot of knowledge or interest in a field and you enjoy writing, then blogging could be a profitable opportunity. It is simple to set up a blog using free platforms like WordPress or Weebly.

How it works

You must be prepared to write regularly and produce content that gives value to your readers. You make your money by selling ad space or sponsored posts on your blogging website. This online business can take time to build followers but eventually, it can become very profitable.


Keep track of your finances

Setting up an online business takes time and effort without having to worry about finances going in, versus what is being paid out. When it comes to financial best practice, MTD software from BTC is able to provide expert guidance in financial software to make running your online business so much easier.


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