4 DropBox Alternatives for Small Business Cloud Storage

Even brick and mortar small businesses need a way to ensure that their financial records are kept safe. Cloud storage brings a host of benefits to businesses of all sizes including secure storage of the company’s most important documents, easy access to files from any device and an opportunity for collaboration across teams and employees.

DropBox may be one of the most popular options for small business cloud storage, but it’s not the only one. There are dozens of DropBox alternatives to consider, and through our research, we narrowed down the 4 most popular DropBox alternatives for small business cloud storage. This list is based on both the highest average rating on TrustRadius and the feedback received from small businesses.

1. Backblaze - Reliable Backup Software For Your Small Business’ Most Important Files

Sometimes all you need in a cloud storage solution is peace of mind. Backblaze operates as one of the most important elements of small business cloud storage: a backup system.

One of the benefits of Backblaze is that employees can install the program once and essentially forget about it afterward. Instead of having to remember to backup data every day or upload files each week, Backblaze users can rely on keeping their files securely stored.

2. ShareFile - A User-Friendly and Secure Cloud Storage Solution

Some leaders look to use small business cloud storage to create a paperless environment. If this is your goal, ShareFile may be the right choice for your business. The cloud storage solution focuses on allowing entire companies to upload and organize all of their files. At the same time, the cloud-based software makes it very easy to access these files later on. ShareFile also has a plugin that automatically converts files too large for email - a lifesaver for many client relationships.

3. Google Drive - An Easy Small Business Cloud Storage That Allows Collaboration

When it is done right, cloud storage can be about more than just having a place to keep your files. On the right platform, cloud storage allows collaboration among staff. Google Drive balances an easy to use cloud platform with several high quality productivity tools.

Small businesses can take advantage of Google Drive’s 15 GB of free storage. Even after this storage space is used up, the cloud storage solution is extremely cost-effective for small businesses. Monthly subscriptions start at $1.99 for 100 GB. 

4. Egnyte - Fast Updating With Seamless Salesforce Integration

Egnyte offers small businesses the opportunity to store all their files neatly in the cloud. It is best suited for businesses that have thousands of documents and files to keep track of.

One of the benefits of this small business cloud storage solution is integration with Salesforce. If you are looking to organize cloud-based files by client, this may be your #1 option. The system also offers quite a bit of customization for those looking to tweak the user interface or create teams.

If you’re still not sure which DropBox alternative is best for you, be sure to read user reviews of cloud storage tools to help you determine what software suits your small business’s needs.

About the author

Brooklin Nash writes about productivity tools and small business trends for TrustRadius. He has written on these topics for the past five years. When not working, he enjoys reading YA dystopian fiction (with guilty pleasure) and cooking. Brooklin holds a degree in Political Communication and lives in Central America, where he struggles to attain Spanish fluency.


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