5 Reasons Why Business Travelers Need VIP Treatment

We instinctively think of a cramped airplane cabin and cheap hotel when talking about business travel. For many professionals, going on a business trip means traveling on an extremely tight budget; every penny saved is a penny that can be allocated for other business expenses.

In reality, there are a lot of benefits to be gained from treating business trips as a VIP experience. More importantly, there are more ways to enjoy VIP treatments on business trips, especially when you are traveling with colleagues and to popular business travel destinations.

It’s More Affordable

Instead of booking multiple seats in a flight when traveling with multiple colleagues, try looking into private jets and planes for hire. There are airplanes that can be rented by the hour at affordable rates, and they are usually the more economical options for group business trips.

Instead of spending more than $1,000 on seats, you can use the budget to rent an entire airplane and enjoy additional benefits on the side. Using your own airplane means getting VIP treatment all the way, including having the ability to set your own schedules and not having to go through security.

Even better, you can travel light or bring multiple bags with you just as conveniently. There is still a weight limit to adhere to, depending on the airplane you charter, but you will still be able to travel with items like promotional materials for a convention without the usual hassle.


More Networking Opportunities

Staying in a luxury villa rather than a budget hotel or opting for additional tours instead of returning home immediately are the kind of things you can do to gain more networking opportunities. They are still more economical than you think, and the people you meet along the way certainly make the whole experience worth the investment.

When traveling for a business meeting, for instance, attending additional events or extending the trip with the help of a golf weekend package of your choice allows you to meet more people and explore more potential opportunities. At the very least, you’ll be expanding your professional network. In business, that’s never a bad thing to do.

The same can be said for the VIP services themselves. Using the services of companies like Arburton means gaining access to unique events and VIP experiences you don’t always have access to. Learn more about the VIP experiences you can add to your next business trip from the company’s website.


More Privacy

Enjoying VIP treatment when traveling for business means, well, being treated like a VIP every step of the way. One of the perks you get to enjoy when traveling as a VIP is privacy. Gone are the days of being stuck in between strangers or having to share overhead space with colleagues. You can turn any business trip into a pleasant experience when you have more amenities to yourself.

Privacy is something you can expect from other parts of the trip too. As soon as you check into the accommodation of your choice, you can ask not to be disturbed and have more rest. You can spend more time in the business center preparing for your next meeting without worrying about other guests taking a peek at your sales pitch.

You can even enjoy the destination city better. Ask for a car service and get recommendations about the best places to visit – and events to attend – so you can make the most out of your business trip. You can do all of these things while a team of specialists handles your every need. If it is a business trip with colleagues, the experience will be even better.


It’s Healthier

Traveling can be a stressful experience, but that is certainly not the case when every part of the experience is tailored to your needs. Rather than getting all worked up by security lines, you can go straight to the airplane and board immediately. Instead of dealing with hotel nightmares, you know you can get a good night sleep every time.

As you enjoy the trip more, you regain the ability to focus on work for longer. Having to pitch your idea is challenging when you can’t focus due to an aching back and a lack of sleep. Solve the underlying problem by being treated as a VIP and you instantly boost your chances of success.

Not having to deal with the stress of traveling for business is good for business. Recent studies have shown that executives traveling on private or company planes closed more deals than those flying coach. In the long run, the same executives are also healthier and less likely to suffer from health problems associated with the hassle of traveling.



Last but certainly not least, there is the fact that traveling as a VIP and enjoying the best experience is very enriching. If you have been struggling to find a balance between work and leisure, the frequent business trips you take are perfect opportunities to relax while widening your horizon.

This too is a fact linked to multiple studies. Executives who play golf or attend VIP events as part of business trips perform better at work than those who immediately fly back after every meeting. There is something about being in control of the entire business travel experience that makes these executives more creative and driven.

From the businesses’ standpoint, providing VIP treatment to traveling employees is an invaluable way of showing appreciation. As mentioned before, the extra costs are not that significant, but the return on those extra investments – the higher sales, more deals closed, and happier employees – make spending the extra money well worth it.

There is also the fact that VIP experiences are more accessible than ever, especially to business travelers. Everything from private jets to private villas and remote offices – and the experiences they provide – are just a few taps away now that there are so many online tools and services to help you. The next time you plan a business trip, try looking into the different VIP experiences you can get. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much more enjoyable a mundane business trip can be when everything about the trip is tailored to your liking.


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