5 Tips for Starting a Profitable Online Blog

Blogging a decade ago was a new concept. It was thought as a personal channel to check-in and make announcements. Today, blogs are big business as more than 500 million bloggers are online, posting millions of blogs every day. How do you compete if you are just starting out? It’s all about digital strategy, so use these five tips for starting a profitable online blog that works.  

1. Search Engine Optimization

New bloggers must first figure out a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to build traffic. If you’ve already started researching SEO, you know that there is a lot of keyword data online. It’s essential to learn whether you want global or local traffic. Once you figure out the best SEO strategy, your site will grow quickly. Regional SEO like San Jose search engine optimization will boost local sales, but if you want global traffic, you need to choose a different set of keywords that defines your niche, product or service.

2. Website Monetization

Google AdSense is one of the most lucrative ways for bloggers to make an income. As your SEO strategy begins to attract traffic, AdSense is the go-to next step for website profitability. You can also make money with guest posting, pop-up ads, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, cost per thousand (CPM) ads and link building. With a well-optimized website, there are many monetization opportunities that allow owners to make good money when willing to do the work.

3. Affiliate Marketing

For bloggers who lack products or services, there are still ways to make money by engaging in affiliate marketing. By promoting online retailers, you can leverage your traffic and earn commissions by generating referrals. It’s essential that you only promote products or services that are in line with your niche. Bloggers can also create posts that interest their readers to use affiliate marketing on various social media platforms further. 

4. Email Campaigns

As you build your traffic, you can use pop-ups to gather user data for email campaigns. As email calls-to-action (CTAs) have a higher return on investment (ROI) than other blogging sales pitches, you have the information you need to advertise directly to your base. Adding a CTA to your email campaign that links to your blog or a product or service will elevate income potential. You can also create your own line of digital products like a webinar, course or self-help product or use a drop shipping service or white label company to enhance profitability. 

5. Sponsorships 

Sponsorships can be very lucrative for bloggers who have the right traffic. The higher the website traffic, the more profit a blogger will make. The key is to always remain true to your followers. It’s your reputation on the line. So, make sure your followers know that it is a sponsorship and always provide a transparent recommendation as it’s your name that is promoting the product or service, rather than the company sponsoring the referral. 

As a new blogger, you’ll feel bombarded by must-do digital marketing strategies. The problem is that it’s hard to navigate it all if you don’t have the experience, so an expert is a smart first step.


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