7 Highly Profitable Marketing Strategies for Your Businesses

Developing a business is not an easy task. First of all, you need a viable idea. From there, you need to discover a profitable niche, define a demographic target, and have something of value to sell/offer. Without the right marketing strategies to fuel your growth, making a profit, and staying afloat is impossible.

Most businesses face a clear need for increased visibility to improve sales. But in order to gain more visibility, businesses have to spend more money.

But some things can be done today, right now, even on a lower budget, to reach more customers without investing colossal bulks. However, everything comes down to time. You work tirelessly to build a genuine relationship with the consumer, sincerely trying to add value.

Here are 7 simple marketing strategies that can be used to develop most businesses:

1) Import and test marketing strategies

When we talk about importing and testing strategies, we don’t mean to take strategies from abroad in your field, we recommend that you go out from time to time and study marketing strategies in other industries.

Be open, be curious, explore, analyze, then build hypotheses and, test! In other words, get out of your cozy box.

For example, look at the IT industry (especially at Apple), e-commerce (at Amazon), and especially at Google that chose to get down to basics with their procedures.

Google has always reduced their volumes and, on top of that, it doesn't get the money from the fact that we search on Google, but from the services connected to it.

Finally, if you want to attract new customers, increase the value of transactions or their frequency, look at other industries. For sure you will find a lot of ideas that you can adapt to.

2) Are you alone or with strategic partners and affiliates?

Affiliate marketing also has the advantage that you pay for the result. Something works, you pay a commission, it doesn't work, there’s no need to pay it.

There is also the option in which you develop your affiliate system. The advantage here is that no commission goes to an intermediary, and a disadvantage could be that you have to look for affiliates and manage this whole process.

In addition to the option of using an affiliate system or creating your own affiliate system, you can easily make strategic alliances. Strategic alliances do not have a commission, but rather mutual backing in different situations. The easiest way is to make strategic alliances with companies complementary to what you have to offer.

You have seen how washing machines companies promote certain detergents or how certain brands of cars promote and recommend even certain brands of engine oils.
Marketing campaigns can be applied together, and the principle is simple: if I have 10,000 customers, and my partner has 10,000 customers with a similar profile, it is much easier for me to address customers similar to mine. So, go straight to the target!

3) Product samples

We all know those personalized desks that appear inside commercial spaces, where the promoters invite us to taste all kinds of goodies or to test a new perfume that appeared on the market.

Well, this is an extremely effective way of promotion. This applies especially if we are confident in our products and their quality, because this selling strategy targets a direct experience of the customers, with the product they are going to buy.

However, this method will not work if you sell services. And it is not a very common method even in the case of B2B sales. These strategies are designed especially for the food/beauty sectors. If you work in another sector, maybe you should focus on another strategy.

4) Contests with products offered for free - one of the most valued strategies for promoting a company

Everywhere in the online environment, we find such contests. If they are done properly, and the prize offered is quite motivating, such a contest could attract thousands or tens of thousands of participants, and the strategy would be very successful. These contests represent perfect tools to boost your brand notoriety.

However, this is one of the most recommended techniques if you want consumer loyalty. We don't think you want your business to be recognized on the market because it offers free stuff. Be careful what impression you leave on consumers. If you want long-term sales and loyalty, this is not the ideal strategy.

5) Promotion through events

This is especially useful if the event can draw some media attention. You can take part in specialized fairs in your branch, you can organize events to present your products or you can offer your services to sponsor another event.

For example, we can provide hospital equipment if we are manufacturers of uniforms. Or we can make a quality suit for a businessman's conference if we are a tailoring company. In return, the beneficiary would display us as partners in the event in which they participate.

Attendance at an event does not guarantee the sale. Under no circumstances you will be able to influence the sale of a car through a single launch event of that car. You need a test drive, a more careful analysis of the product in this case. But if you sell a book, a book launch is a perfect match for some sales.

6) Online promotion through conversion campaigns

If you want visibility, but at the same time, the main goal is to increase sales, Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are the answer.

Conversion campaigns are the main way to increase sales, at least for modern businesses, which rely heavily on online presence: online stores. To see how such a campaign works for an online store you will need some assignment help and learn a bit about SEO in e-commerce.

You can sell fast online, that's for sure. But don't rely on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads promotion strategies when you want to build a credibility campaign. Because they are known as a short-term strategy. For credibility, PR will work much better.

7) Online promotion through video blogging

It is one of the newest strategies for promoting a company, being very cool and extremely appreciated especially among young people.

It's very easy to open a YouTube channel and talk about your company there, you don't even need your business to be online to do that.

This is a perfect strategy for information, for creating an image and a standard of trust in your brand. But if you want to sell in the short term, videoblogging is not the solution!
Here you will create a community, interact with users, and in the long run, you will be able to have financial benefits from this relationship with users.

If you want to sell directly through vlogging, try to find a YouTuber who ALREADY has the authority and niche and convince him (usually financially) to recommend your products.

In conclusion, a well-chosen marketing strategy, with rigorous research on the goal you want to achieve and on your competitors will bring you extra benefits and value.

Creativity can propel your business in the direction you want!


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