8 Tips To Help Define A Professional Working Space For Your New Business

The most important factor affecting the ROI of any business is the productivity of the workers. The more productive the workers, the more is the supply of quality work to the employer, which affects the success of the business directly.

Due to various distractions, disengagements, and discomfort, the productivity of the businesses is decreasing. To keep productivity high, the business owners need to ensure that the employees are at their comfort and are not easily distracted. Below are 8simple tips to help define a professional working space for your new business to enhance the productivity of the workers.


1.   Minimize Distractions

Social media platforms can be a big reason behind low productivity. But, no phone policy is not practical. The employees can be kept engaged and focused on their work and can be allowed to use their phones once in a while.

Encourage them to work without distracting towards social media and they can be provided regular breaks, where they can have access to their phones. This ensures that the time they spent working on the task will be free from distractions and would generate more productivity.

Avoid all kinds of sources of distraction that can hamper the concentration of the employees so that employees can effectively perform their duties.


2.  Provide Right Tools and Equipment

Providing the right equipment and tools to the employees is very important so that they can handle all the assigned tasks and duties timely and effectively. Provide the latest and properly working tools to keep the productivity of the employees. You do not want the work to be hampered due to non-performing tools and equipment. Modern and high-quality equipment, tools and programs not only make a difference to the workforce but also on the reputation of the company.

The workplace should have comfortable, high quality and well-maintained furniture to make the workers comfortable and relax while they work. Install the furniture designed especially for the office like Fast Office Furniture Melbourne.

3.  Improve the Conditions at the Workplace

Keep a comfortable temperature at the workplace to enhance productivity. The too cold or too cold environment can distract the employees. The uncomfortable environment can make employees unable to concentrate. Ensure that the Air conditioning system and heating system are properly operating.


4.  Colors and Lighting

Lighting and color in the workspace is another important aspect that needs to be looked at to enhance the productivity of the workers. There should be enough natural light in the workspace. Spending a lot of time in the fluorescent light is not healthy for anyone. Install the latest lighting options like LED lightings throughout the workspace. You can also give the employees an option to light up their own workspace with the lighting options of their choice like lamps and lighting fixtures. This will not only give them the choice of lighting but also the comfort they want for work.

It is known that light paint enhances the concentration and productivity at the workspace. Over the past few years, the researches have analyzed the impact of different colors on productivity. When choosing the colors for workspace, always keep the following tip in mind:

●  Red: This color signifies energy, strength, warmth, and stimulation and can bring defiance and aggression to the mind.

● Blue: The color associated with the intellect signifies trust, serenity, efficiency, and communication. This color may bring coldness, unfriendliness, and lack of emotions in mind.

●  Green: It signifies balance, harmony, peace and rest although this may bring blandness and boredom.

●   Yellow: The color signifies confidence, optimism, creativity, and extroversion. It can bring out fear, irrationality, and anxiety.

Always use the combination of all these colors along with white to keep everything in control as all these colors have both positive and negative impacts on the mind. If used all colors in the right amount can create a relaxing and peaceful environment.


5.  Effective Communication

Communication is the key to enhance productivity. For effective communication between the teams, you need to set up an effective communication channel where the employees can easily communicate with each other.

With the advancement in technology, there have been a number of options for you to contact with others. In a study, it was shown that on average, an employee spends around 28% of employee’s work time. Instead of relying completely on the emails, you can use some advanced networking tools like Slack for quicker communication within your team. You can also encourage your employees to use voice communication or face-to-face communication instead of depending on emails.


6.  Matching the Tasks to Right Skills

To maximize efficiency, you need to know the behavioral styles and skills of the employees. The tasks should be assigned to the employees based on their skills and interests. For example, a creative, and extrovert employee would be a perfect candidate to pitch ideas to the clients but such employees may struggle to perform efficiently if given the detail-oriented and rule intensive tasks.

Expecting that the employee can be good at every task won't be effective and might lead to low productivity. Before assigning any task to an employee, evaluate his or her skills and check if this person can handle the task perfectly. Always assign the tasks to someone whose skills and expertise match the tasks to get the best results.


7.  Add the Greenery

Plants can be very helpful in creating a soothing environment at the workspace. This doesn’t mean that you need to work in a forest. Studies around the world have proved that plants can help enhance productivity. Plants can be helpful in filtering the air, removing any bacteria and mold in the surroundings.


8.  Physical Comfort

The employees will be spending a good amount of time per day working for you. You need to ensure that they get all the comfort while they are working in the workspace.  To keep the employees healthy, and efficient, you need to make sure that all these are designed to provide them the required ease.

If you want your employees to perform up to their abilities, try to follow these tips and implement them to the maximum.


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