Announcing the new Idea Cafe small business grant

Recession or not, the spirit of entrepreneurs will continue to be celebrated on Idea Cafe. This is why we announce a new contest, where good business ideas for small business will compete against each other. That is right, the seventh Idea Cafe grant opens this week. We will award $1,000.00 and heaps of free publicity and national recognition to the entrepreneur, who comes on top in the competition against hundreds of other small business owners.

If you have a great business idea, apply now at . Applications will be accepted until May 17th, Sunday, and then we will begin the finalist selection. As always, Idea Cafe Regulars will be able to vote for their favorite business idea.

Our seventh winner will join an exclusive line-up of entrepreneurs, and get their business story featured on Idea Cafe. For more information, visit the Idea Cafe Grant Center.

Application for the Idea Cafe Entrepreneurial Spirit 2009 grant requires a free Idea Cafe registration (which also brings other benefits).


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