February, 2013

Choosing the Face of Your Company

Businesses are by nature impersonal, but the most successful companies are those that don’t feel impersonal to their customers. The easiest way to bring a human connection to your brand is by choosing a member of your team to be the “face” of your company. That person should embody your company’s core values, mission, and ethos, since he or she will be your brand’s connection to the outside world. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting a team member to be the “face” of your company.

7 Mistakes to Avoid on Your 2012 Tax Return

Every year, our politicians talk about the need to simplify the tax code and every year, they make it more complex.

The average taxpayer will spend an estimated 23 hours completing their return this year.  Eighty percent of taxpayers will hire someone to do the work, or buy tax software, even though 64 percent of taxpayers don’t owe anything.

What Do You Take Into Account When Shopping for Software?

Small business owners have more than enough tasks with which to keep them busy on a daily basis.

With that being said, how much time and thought have you put into the accounting software that is deployed on a regular basis at your business? If you haven’t really put much time and effort into your accounting software, are you really getting your money’s worth?

10 Credit Card Tips for the New Year

It’s 2013, a year of new opportunities and new fiscally healthy resolutions for your business. One of these resolutions, applicable to any business, is to control business credit.

We wanted to share 10 credit card tips for the New Year – advice to assist you in controlling expenses, developing an effective monitoring system, and ensuring business profitability. Here they are!

Are You Taking Heat on Your Small Business Bills?

When you entered 2013 a few weeks ago, what were your top goals for the next 12 months?

If you’re a smart small business owner, saving money wherever possible has to be one of your top priorities, especially in this day and age where the economy is still at times struggling to get its feet firmly set on solid ground.

Preliminary Voting Results for the 13th Small Business Grant Revealed. The Numbers Suggest the Winner

Well, the clock is always ticking in our biz/lives. This time we'd love to draw your attention to an important countdown. You have only 4 days until Thursday (February 14) to vote for the ultimate winner of the 13th Small Business Grant, if you haven't already done so. This is your last chance to support your favorite business idea and help them win the Grant.

5 Resolutions for Your Business in 2013

Top Priority for Those Currently Renting Office Space: Seriously Consider Ownership

Almost on a daily basis, news reports detail the marketplace factors that can affect businesses large and small. No matter what the potentially game-changing info coming out of Washington, D.C., or China, though, there are winning strategies that not only endure but should be part of every workplace’s culture, says financial expert and small-business advocate Chris Hurn.

5 Essential Online Marketing Tools To Help Your Business

Nowadays, Internet is a vital part of life for many people. They play, socialize, work and do many other things with the help of Internet. It is also a very good place for business owners to promote and advertise their business. However, not all entrepreneurs have the capability to use Internet for promoting their business online. There are various online marketing tools that business owners can use to promote their business on cyberspace. Here are some of the essential tools that can help entrepreneurs to promote their online business.

Why Did I Hire That Person in the First Place?

What comes to mind as some of the biggest challenges you face when running a small business?

For those business owners who don’t mention hiring the right folks, imagine the shock and dismay when it turns out they hired someone they would have rather passed over in hindsight.

Small Business and Home Office Improvements = Big Tax Deductions

Besides spring, April brings two other things with it: cleaning and taxes. Even though we don't usually anxiously await either, if you work from home or own your own small business, I have good news for you that will help to soften the blow. Many of the improvements and upkeep for your office are tax-deductible! If you complete a few, simple DIY projects now, you can write-off some or all of the cost when you file your taxes next year. And isn't that something to look forward to when April rolls around again?