November, 2018

Ecommerce fulfillment 101

Any retailer ready to dive into e-commerce has to decide the best way to get their product into their customers’ hands—easily and affordably. Packing and shipping orders yourself is a more flexible process, but if your budget allows for outsourcing, fulfillment companies can help free up a considerable amount of a small business owner’s time.

Ultimate Guide For Hiring Web Designers For Your Business

Building a website is not an easy job especially if your business depends upon your website then it may be a huge and tough task to choose the website designer who makes one of the best websites amongst the competitors. While creating a website is not such a tough task but making it look impressive and attractive is important.

How Ample Is Your Sample?

Well this is certainly embarrassing.

It all began with my office chair – I’ve had the same one since the day I started my company in 2000.

And it’s been great. It’s one of those fake leather, cushy office chairs on wheels with a couple of arm rests.

But lately, it’s been sending me warning signals…

Hobbies That Can Improve Your Entrepreneurial Skills

They say that it takes about 10,000 hours for one to master a certain skill. However, the nature of the skill is never really specified. What this means is that you get better at virtually anything that you do, provided that you invest time in it, which is something that most people know intuitively and by experience. Still, it makes one wonder: wouldn’t it be great if you could do a thing that you love and use it to get better at skills that are necessary for your career to go forward? Even more importantly, this raises a question of whether there are some hobbies out there that can effectively improve your entrepreneurial skills. Let’s find out!

Real World Marketing is Coming Back Strong

Just because advertising on the internet is popular and valuable, it does not mean it the best answer for every business. Already people are turning a blind eye on internet marketing which means what next? Person-to-person contact and advertising via giveaways and products can be more productive these days. Gathering consumers for small businesses to sell their goods and services is making a comeback. People are wanting more personal approaches to getting their business known after many years of impersonal treatment.

11 SEO Mistakes To Avoid At Any Cost

Optimizing your website is a very essential element in your digital marketing strategy. While trends in SEO keeps on changing and evolving day by day but it is the still the top priority of the marketers as it remains to be the most powerful method to attract traffic to your website and into your sales funnel.

Due to changing perspectives of the users and developments n search engines, the SEO methods are constantly developing. To keep your website into the top of the search results has not been an easy task as there have been many black hat SEO techniques that may be beneficial for your website for a short term but these will be harmful in the long run.

4 Important Tips for Office Safety

Managing an office is a common aspect of running a business. Although not every business operates out of one, it’s a necessity for some for reasons of production, strategizing with employees, or ensuring customers have a physical base to go to. Whatever the case, there is a lot that goes into making sure that every office runs properly and staff is comfortable. Another big thing is ensuring safety at all times. In case you’re looking for ways to protect yourself as a business and reduce the occurrence of accidents, continue reading. The post below consists of top safety tips to consider when it comes to office safety.

The Unforeseen Risks of Public Access

One of the challenges of business ownership that often gets less attention than something like data loss is combatting the risks brought on by operating in a physical space with customer interaction. For good reason, we spend a lot of time considering how to negate the impact of things like data loss, but the physical realities of running a business can be just as harmful.

Moving Your Small Business to a New Space

It’s the ideal tech giant scenario: You’ve started up a business out of your garage, become a wild success, and now you are moving your company out to Silicon Valley for more visibility and a larger space.


Okay, maybe you haven’t found the success level of Google, and perhaps you aren’t even a tech company and won’t be moving out to Silicon Valley because your business is located on the East coast. Whatever the case, to grow and expand your operations, you will need to relocate your business — whether it be for a better location and target market, a larger space for services, or both.

4 ways a POS system can help your cafe grow

Can you imagine running a business in the modern world without using technology? No, nor us. Of course, not all the responsibility should be borne by programs. Their main task is to make business owners’ lives so much easier by automating processes that used to take up too much precious time.


There are plenty of management software systems that are designed specifically for different industries and the restaurant business is no exception.