June, 2019

How to Spot Profitable Mobile App Opportunities For Your Business

Spotting new growth opportunities is what makes businesses, no matter the shape and size, flourish. However, this doesn’t guarantee that financial backing will be given to everyone with an ambitious idea. In fact, one of the most challenging hurdles for most business innovators is convincing the main powerhouses (directors, board members and investors), to provide the budget required to put these opportunities into practice; especially if it involves mobile technology (i.e. mobile app development).

Why Cybersecurity Strategy Matters to Startups And Small Businesses and How to Implement it

As a startup or small business owner, you may not think much about cybersecurity. Cybercriminals would not stand to gain much by hacking your business, right? Wrong. This is why small businesses are targets - their cybersecurity is often outdated or nonexistent.


In today’s digital age, where just about every business activity relies on being online in some manner, everyone’s a target.

Do the Right Things with Your Brand

Keeping your business afloat and moving in the right direction takes a lot of work.

That said you want to be smart about the moves you make for your business.

If you are rash and do not think things through, you could actually end up hurting your business. When that happens, it can be tough to get back on track.

Do Your Prospects Trust You? Try This

Do you have big plans for the weekend? I do.

Beginning tonight at 6 pm and running through mid-day on Sunday, I will be reunion-ing (unless there is no such word) with my old business school buddies.

It’s not just any reunion, either. It’s our 30 year.

And what a great time we had back then. Going to classes, drinking beer, staying up late, going out dancing, and doing the things that unmarried 25-year-olds tend to do (don’t make me spell it out).

How to Handle Legal Disputes With Employees

The act of running a business can be described with a few colorful words: stimulating, challenging, lucrative, and maybe even a little bit fun. But what is absolutely not fun, entertaining, or jolly for a business owner is to be sued by an employee. Lawsuits are costly, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. Even more, they can also drag the reputation of the business you’ve worked so hard to build through the mud.

Warnings to Keep in Mind for Your Warehouse Business

Operating a warehouse for your business can provide several improvements to both the scalability and profitability of your organization. However, and as any warehouse manager will tell you, running a warehouse does not come without its own set of challenges.


While owning your own warehouse space can be beneficial, there are potential pitfalls that businesses can face if they don’t practice due diligence. This is especially the case when addressing workplace safety, operational expenditures, and supply chain efficiency.

How to Properly Protect Your Brand in The International Market

To build a global brand means opening new doors and bringing countless opportunities for our business. But such opportunities come with their own list of responsibilities and dangers that need to be accounted for. For those of us that want to enter the international market, most notable are the dangers of copycat brands and marketing. There are plenty of people that would try to build their own legacy by using our own content, ideas and brand features.

5 Secrets To Better Outsourcing Relationship

No matter what line of work we are talking about here, outsourcing some of the tasks within your company can be stressful. Switching from in-house to outsourced means you won’t have direct oversight over these people. Is it cost effective? Is it easy? Are there any risks? How can we communicate in the best and most productive way possible?

20th Small Business Grant: Preliminary Results

The 20th Small Business Grant campaign is going very strong. We are in the middle of the semi-finalist voting round. The voting has been opened for 15 days now, but the votes are still pouring in.

The voting round closes on June 27th, and I want to draw your attention to this important countdown.

7 Small Marketing Changes to Make a Big Difference in your SaaS Business

When it is about SAAS marketing, you need to know the proper rules. Prospects research or buying largely in the online platform that will help in leading people into the free tiles or demos are essential for Saas business. We all are aware that by implementing small marketing changes, one can bring a big difference in the Saas business. Saas marketers have rightly and largely adopted digital marketing. The sales marketing will rely more on the solid strategy. Saas companies will always rely on good marketing to combat churn and gain customers.