Custom Flipz - Putting the Idea Cafe grant win to work!

Editor Note: As a rule, all Idea Cafe grant winners provide monthly reports on how their business is doing since winning Idea Cafe's Grant. Here is the first update from Correda Rizer, the owner of Custom Flipz. Enjoy reading, and don't miss out on the opportunity to be inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit and business wisdom. In a six-month period she will share thoughts on how she uses the grant money in the best possible way in order to take her business to the next level.

Within the most recent month of winning the 10th idea café grant Custom Flipz has further worked on the completion of our business plan and also began the process to register with the Secretary of State to be listed as an L3C company, a low profit limited liability company whose main objective is not for the purpose of significant income but for educational or charitable purposes. Custom Flipz mission is to give back to the community by providing affordable housing with a “custom” fit and design that accommodate people of diverse financial backgrounds. We have also enlisted the services of other local up and coming entrepreneurs and business owners such as Undiscovrd graphic design to give our website a complete makeover and also to professionally design some of our promotional material including brochures, flyers and business cards. In addition to beginning the process of setting a strong foundation to build on Custom Flipz has taken the first steps purchasing a home that will be sold or rented to a lucky family by teaming up with an experienced realtor and successfully submitting an offer.

During the beginning stages of a new business are often when the most valuable lessons are learned. Having a strong foundation and a clear understanding of the direction you want your business to go in is very important for future growth and development, which is one of the reasons why Custom Flipz is most thankful for having this opportunity to work with the Idea Café team to assist us in this ongoing process. Although no amount of knowledge, planning or preparation can prepare a business for unforeseen events it can however give you a clearer picture of the events that may arise in the future. So far Custom Flipz has not run into any major obstacles that has put a halt to any development but has given us a better understanding of the saying “you have to walk before you can run.” Staying focus and being patient and the best are most important lessons learned so far. 

In order to stay fresh and focused Custom Flipz is continuously looking for new opportunities to gain business relationships, partnerships and any financial assistance available. In the month of April Custom Flipz main goal and focus will be to successfully purchase our first home to assist low income family and hopefully make a dream come true. We also plan to enter for another grant through the Pepsi refresh project, which has already helped several businesses by granting millions of dollars last year in order to help them become a success. Even if this endeavor is not a win it will not be considered a loss but an experience gained to further guide us in our future journeys.

About the author

Correda Rizer is the owner of Custom Flipz. With her impressive enthusiasm for providing affordable housing with a "custom" fit that accomates people of all financial backgrounds, she instantly grabbed the hearts of our regulars and won the 10th Idea Cafe Small Business Grant.


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