Enterprise Software Applications Every Business Needs

Every business entity in existence relies heavily on technology on a daily basis for a variety of core processes. Be it customer research, internal communication, workload management, all the way to HR strategizing or payroll improvement, software solutions are the go-to remedy for all kinds of complex processes and issues. Today, in the midst of a pandemic, even more than before, as companies switch to working remotely and try their best to adapt to these unusual circumstances.

Even after the pandemic, companies will still need technology and enterprise-level solutions to keep their operations moving forward. Considering the sheer amount of options out there, business leaders often have a hard time selecting the few solutions that they actually need and that they’ll use consistently. To enhance your ability to grow and to let your business advance, use the following software applications in your everyday operations. 

Project and task management tools

It doesn’t matter if you only have a handful of employees working from home or you run an entire organization of dozens of employees. Their productivity can be improved with the help of project management software applications that are designed to help your business streamline work, assign tasks, track progress, and measure success.

The built-in features let you exchange files on the cloud, collaborate, chat, and set up notifications so that you don’t miss a single deadline. 

Simplified communication with VoIP

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Have you moved your customer service department out of the office? Now that remote work is not just trendy, but necessary, companies are looking for tech-driven solutions to help keep their teams connected. Remote collaboration as well as customer communication can be tricky without the right tools. 

More brands are opting for online phone service packages that let their customer support staff accept calls wherever they are, even from home. With a solid internet connection, you can use such a unified software platform not just for phone calls, but for emailing, texting, and video conferencing for your own organization. 

Software for marketing automation

Your business will always depend on direct human interactions to keep customers happy and engaged. Alas, as your business grows, so does your audience, and it gets more intricate to devote the same level of attention and time to your individual buyers. 

To make sure you can retain as much human contact as possible and personalize your marketing campaigns, you can rely on automation. Every successful marketing strategy needs a few core processes automated. Keep your social media posting automated, use chatbots to respond to common customer queries, and automate surveys to collect customer feedback which you can use to improve your business strategies down the line. 

Managing customer relationships with CRM

A growing business is one that has to manage a growing number of customers, plus the brand’s own internal expansions at the same time. In such a conundrum, it’s easy for a potential client to slip through the cracks, while you’re focused on an entirely different issue. As you cannot afford to neglect client bonds, a customer relationship management solution (CRM) steps in to save the day.

As the name clearly states, advanced CRM applications are great both for small-scale and enterprise-level companies. They help you keep all of your customer interactions in one database, manage leads with ease, and let you allocate work in your sales team properly. 

HR simplified with technology 

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Hiring new candidates is tricky enough as it is. Add to that the need to manage benefits of your staff, vacation days, sick leave, handling interviews, training, and basic administration, and your HR team is already dealing with too much on their plate. Enterprise solutions don’t take away the human element from human resources. On the contrary, these tools enhance human interactions, eliminate stress, human error, and help your employees focus on relationships.

HR software solutions can be used on different devices, from computers to phones, so that your team can handle tasks on the go and away from the office. The solutions help track applications for a new opening, filter the finest candidates, help manage your existing workforce, and are easy to integrate with your accounting software, too. 


Of course, you’ll find that a slew of other tools are at your disposal, but few as practical, multifunctional, and promising as the ones listed here. They are easy to integrate with your existing systems and applications, and they are easy to use, intuitive, and your employees can complete quick training sessions for each of them without disrupting your workflow. Hopefully, you’ll be able to maximize the potential of any enterprise software applications you decide to implement, and take your business forward with the help of tech.


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