Examples of Advertising Your Entrepreneurship Can Take to Heart

The step up the ladder of business mobility from business owner to entrepreneur should begin with a serious review of your advertising strategies. As a business owner, your advertising may be somewhat business focused. Advertising your entrepreneurship comes with a very different set of strategies. There is a difference between being a business owner and becoming an entrepreneur. In a May 2014, Entrepreneur Magazine article this difference was defined as business owners who are mainly preoccupied with business functions, ideas, and business growth. Entrepreneurs are individuals who have big ideas beyond the realm of business. 

Setting Up Advertising for Entrepreneurism
A single word, "vista" is the emblem of the packaging of your entrepreneurship. If your advertising doesn't embody broad range ideas about you, the entrepreneur, it might miss the true advertising target. Where business advertising might focus on the public presentation and product and/or service offering, entrepreneurs know their advertising must reflect their expansive ideas based on an already developed business reputation. To set up advertising for your entrepreneurship, you can enlist the services of professionals.

This should be followed by a reliable statistical sources that provide the needed data to formulate the entrepreneurial innovations and ideas based on proven track records. At present, advertising is definitely data driven. To properly present your entrepreneurship in advertising and promotions, advertising strategies should include factual information. By relying on factual statistics, the entrepreneur further advances their public image and entrepreneurial reputation. 

The Three-pronged Benchmark of Advertising Your Entrepreneurship
The advertising strategies an entrepreneur chooses should be based on a three-pronged benchmark. These include: Business Vision, Reputation, and Success. Few entrepreneurs can build a reputation or enjoy success without business vision. Being an entrepreneur is all about being a visionary. Before plotting an advertising strategy to promote yourself as an entrepreneur, it is necessary to take stock of your skills and talents. Discover and disclose the capacity in which your business success resulted in long range vision that firmly embedded your reputation, not just as a business owner, but also as a reliable source of innovation and ideas. Advertising as an entrepreneur encompasses a broader range of accomplishment in business and as a business associate. Your ability to persuade your entrepreneurial community that your ideas can work for a wide range of businesses should be part of your advertising strategy. Use examples of special projects and top level clients as proof of your advancement to entrepreneur. 

Taking a Cue from Famous Entrepreneurs
When Inc.com posted its list of the eleven most famous entrepreneurs, their natural drive, ambition, and persistence to succeed is the thread that seems to tie together entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Oprah Winfrey. Take a cue from famous entrepreneurs who know the value of advertising customized especially to promote your entrepreneurship. The attributes of drive, ambition and persistence to succeed should be part of an entrepreneur's custom advertising strategies. These are attributes that polish image while also protecting business acumen possessed by those at the top levels of entrepreneurship. 

Examples of Visionary Entrepreneurship Advertising

The founders of Dove Products was originally the vision of Antonius Jurgens, James Darcy Lever, Samuel Vandenburgh and William Lever back in 1930. It took the creative innovation of these men to form the Unilever Company which later became Dove Products. Their 2015 Super Bowl commercial was listed by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the five most controversial. Others included Nationwide, Carl Jr.'s and Go Daddy. You must be visionary in your field and also stick to what works in your industry. Sites like crunchbase.com can help you find more examples in your area. If in health, for example, you might take cues from the ASEA brand. The ASEA supplement products help health, but do so with scientific backing. If you need similar proof in your advertising, see what you can do to get the right background in your message.

Advertising an entrepreneurship is all about your vision. Don’t think too broadly, since you can lose connections with your customers, but take steps to look at cues from fellow entrepreneurs and see where your business can succeed with similar ideas.

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