Expert Tips to Make Your Business Card Stand Out

When it comes to enhance the reach of your business and make a positive impression on the customers having a business card is a must. Whether you have a big or small time business, business cards serve as effective networking tools. However, not all business cards are appealing and attractive. Have you ever wondered why? Designing a business card is something more than just printing your name and contact details on a small-sized card. Rather, you need to be creative while formatting the card.

Here are a few tried and tested tips to make your business card more engaging:  

Keep it simple, straight, and easy to read: Avoid using funky fonts on your business card. Even though such fonts look good and are fun to read, these are not the right pick for a business card. Instead, make use of fonts that look professional and reads better. Also, ensure that the size of the text isn’t too small and distorted in any way. If the font is illegible or difficult to read the recipients will lose interest to go through the card right at the first glance. Hence, make sure to include text that is simple, straight, and easy to read. In order to spruce your card up, you can include the logo of your company as a designing element.  

Include only the vital information: Most of the time people don't know what to include and what to exclude while designing a card for their business. Being concise yet interesting is the key. Hence, you have to overcome the temptation of reducing the font size and including every bit of information about your business. If there is too much information on your card, the recipient’s will lose their attention. Be selective and include only the vital particulars about your business like business name, contact details, etc. Avoid including all social networking profiles, services, and sales pitch. Keep it short, crisp, and easy to remember.  

Choose from a variety of papers and styles: While printing a business card doesn’t compromise with the quality. Even though you can print the cards on a simple printer with any basic card paper at a relatively lower cost, it will not pay off in the long run. For making a long-lasting impression on the recipients it is wise to get the cards printed from professionals. That way you can choose from a variety of special papers, sizes, and design templates. Right from embossed papers, gold foil papers to ultra thick papers you can select as per your preference. Moreover, with them, you can order for online business cards. If you have any particular design in mind just share that with the professionals online and get the cards printed accordingly.      

Business cards are designed for increasing business connections as well as customer base of any business. Hence, they need to look professional, premium, and simple at the same time.

By following these given business card rules you will not only be able to make your card professional but leave a positive impact on your audience. Whether you have a small or a big business this small attempt will take your business to great heights.

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Charlie Brown is a marketing manager greatly familiar with digital templates by He is a typical overachiever with a passion for getting the job done right and bringing his team’s visions into reality. 


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