Finalists for Seventh Idea Cafe Grant Announced

Idea Cafe's editorial team has selected 50 finalists out of the list of semi-finalists, which was announced on May 26th. Congratulations to the finalists, and a sincere "Thank you" to everyone who applied for the seventh Idea Cafe grant! It is always a great experience to go through hundreds of innovative and inspiring ideas; and this is what Idea Cafe grants are all about--inspiration.

As in previous grants, the winner will be decided by popular vote from Idea Cafe Regulars. The voting page is located at . Free Idea Cafe registration is required in order to cast a vote. Voting closes on July 7th.

If you are finalist, you will receive an email soon. We will be contacting the finalists to ask them for a brief introduction of themselves, their motivations, and their business ideas. While the voting phase is open, we will feature those stories on Idea Cafe, so that Regulars can learn more about our finalists.

Come back tomorrow for an overview of all finalists.


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