Getting Into The Food Truck Business? 3 Strategies To Get In The Market

Food trucks are a city staple and offer plenty of advantages including lower startup and operating costs, more independence and, of course, the ability to actually move where business is booming.

If you're thinking of starting your own food truck, here are three strategies you can use right away that will help make your day-to-day operations smoother and help attract customers.

Hit The Streets First

Of course you can't just set up a food truck anywhere. Although that would be great, food truck owners need a license and permit to legally operate. Some streets may be off-limits, so scout potential zones on foot first and assess the competition.

You shouldn't automatically flock to an area with a lot of trucks nearby. It will be harder to get people to try something new when they already have their go-to so close by. Instead, consider targeting a business area that doesn't have quick access to food trucks.

People on their lunch breaks will be enticed by the smells wafting from your truck and the prospect of something new. If you're serving food truck favorites like tacos or wraps, your chances of being an instant hit are even higher.

Get Organized From Day One

Having proper storage bins and containers, like the products offered at Quantum Storage, for your supplies won't just assure customers that the truck they're eating from is sanitary; it will also ensure that no one is fumbling around inside the truck while making meals in the quick fashion the business demands.

Advertise Online

If there's one thing people love to do online, its share pictures of their food. Hashtags on Instagram are constantly being updated by foodies from around the globe. Hop in on the action and snap some shots of your truck, its offerings and staff hard at work.

Use your city's relevant hashtags and some other food-associated ones for free advertising. A simple #philly, #foodtruck, #lunchtime post can score you new customers almost instantly.

Running a business of any kind isn't easy, and making a splash in the culinary scene is especially challenging with so much competition. Don't let the established trucks intimidate you. Instead, view them as pros to learn from.

Do your research and have patience. Food trucks are easier to get off the ground than physical restaurants, but they still require a lot of work. If you're passionate about your business and practical in your operations, you'll be at the top of your city's food truck scene in no time.


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