Give Consumers Incentive to Use Your Business

Consumers go to countless websites on a daily basis with one goal typically in mind, finding out information about selected products and/or services.

That said is your website ready to take on the numbers of consumers that will hopefully be paying you a visit sooner rather than later? If not, then you need to set aside the time required to get your website ready for show.

For starters, your website should be given regular reviews, checking not only for problems that may have arisen, but also searching for ways to improve it.

While some businesses manage to get away without either having a website in the first place or having a very good one at that, countless other brands know that their websites are simply the best online business cards one could ever have.

With that in mind, are you giving consumers incentive to use your business now and moving forward?

Be the Resource Consumers Turn to

So that your website can get solid traffic numbers, numbers that hopefully continue to increase on a monthly basis, remember these tips:

  1. Information – Even though you are undoubtedly trying to increase the odds of making a sale by having a solid website, your site should also be one that consumers flock to for information. Simply put, be that informational and authoritative website that consumers turn to first and foremost in your respective industry. Whether they come to you wanting to know more about the best time of year to buy or sell a home, where to find affordable insurance, how to best go about a free license plate search, where to turn to get one’s career started again, your site can be so many things for so many people;
  2. Authority – There are various ways your brand can be authoritative, one of which is notably your blog. In the event you do not have a business blog, you need to seriously think about changing that mindset moving forward. For starters, a blog is relatively easy (and doesn’t cost you really anything) to start. Even if you feel like you do not have the time yourself (or your employees) to write it, you can always use outside sources (once familiarized with your brand) to author it. Either way, the blog can be a great tool to entice consumers not only want to know more about your brand, but ultimately do business with you. Just be sure the blog posts are not only authoritative, but also serve the reader a purpose;
  3. Social – If your website is not spreading its message around social networking sites, will people really find out what your message truly is in the first place? No, you do not have to be a social media junkie 24/7, but you do need to have a sound social media strategy. For example, do you not regularly post on social media because you fee as a business owner that you will not get a true return on investment (ROI) with social networking? Quite frankly, that would be a bad attitude (and approach) to take to the matter. Make sure you use social media to some degree, opting for some of the top sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) as part of your efforts. Also know what you want to convey with each post. This means having a purpose behind sharing and/or retweeting someone’s original post. Will the comment and/or link that individual or business posts serve your current and potential clientele in one regard or another? If so, by all means post it.

Whatever it takes to give consumers incentive to use your business, make sure you are pushing it.

Your company may or may not sell goods; it might just ultimately be an informational service. Either way, it is important that your website and all that promotes your brand is always at its best.

Remember, your brand has opportunities galore to sell itself, but only if you put the time and effort into making it happen.

With several months remaining in 2016, take stock now of where your brand is at, determining if you’re giving consumers all the incentive necessary to do business with you.

About the author

Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as human resources and running a small business.


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