Give Your Brand a Legal Case for Success

When your business is the legal field, there is oftentimes little room for error.

Stop and think for a moment about the importance of the services you provide the public.

Your work as a criminal defense attorney could mean the difference between someone getting a serious sentence, a light sentence, or even going free altogether.

With that in mind, you want to promote your legal services in the best light possible.

Part of doing just that means taking advantage of all the different advertising and marketing tools at your disposal.

So, will you give your brand a legal case for success?


Letting the World Know All About You

With so many lawyers and attorneys saturating the market, it is crucial that you make sure your law firm stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

One of the first ways to do this is by having an advertising and marketing program that is second to none.

Your ads (newspaper, radio, TV, magazine, online etc.) need to highlight why your criminal defense services can’t be overlooked.

Start by telling a story, a story that will resonate with people in need of legal assistance.

If you’ve only been in the legal field for a short time, it is obviously hard to tout years and years of experience as your main strength. Instead, highlight some of the cases you have worked on, cases where you were the deciding factor in someone being convicted or someone having the charge or charges against them dropped.

This is a great opportunity for highlighting some customer testimonials in your advertising and marketing campaigns.


Changes in the Legal Field

If you are one of those lawyers or attorneys with many years under your belt, you should be sure to put that experience front and center.

For example, a number of aspects of the legal field have changed in recent decades, especially when it comes to items like video evidence (cell phones etc.), DNA, and much more. Noting your expertise on the technology side of the law is a great way to gain the attention of many people needing legal help.

One of the biggest areas of need is oftentimes when someone is pulled over for an alleged driving offense.

As an example, a DWI stop can change someone’s life for many years to come, especially if they are found guilty.

Some of the areas you and your client can focus in on include:

  • Was the stop perfectly legal?
  • Were a breathalyzer test and/or drawn blood properly executed?
  • Is there video evidence to show your side of the events is in fact true and not what law enforcement is claiming?

With your many years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, you can work with your client to help him or her not only possibly get a reduced sentence, but have the charge or charges expunged from their records for good.

Having to find a DWI lawyer in Houston is something many individuals can relate to. On the plus side, you can be the legal answer he or she is searching for, providing your experience and/or skills as one of the top lawyers in your practice area or areas.

Another important aspect to promoting your legal skills and expertise is via word-of-mouth.

Yes, while advertising, marketing, social media, blog posts and more are crucial to securing and retaining clients, good old-fashioned referrals never hurt.

For example, simply ask those who are happy with your legal services if they will be kind enough to tell their family members, friends, co-workers etc. about you should they ever need legal assistance. A few simple word-of-mouth referrals can open up doors to new business, business you may not have gotten without happy clients.

What it all boils down to is making sure you give your brand a solid legal case for success.

In doing so, you create more inroads for your business; something that is a necessity given how much competition there is out there.

Remember, you are not here just to win client cases; you are also looking to win more business when all is said and done.

About the author

Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as human resources and running a small business.


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