A Guide To Building A Website For Your New Business

If you are starting a new business, then you will know that there are so many different areas that you will need to consider. A business website is an essential tool for any young company, no matter the industry that you are operating in. A high-quality business website will lend legitimacy to your organization, help you to expand brand awareness, and increase your reach with customers. However, to ensure you are able to realize all the potential benefits and hit the ground running, you need to build a high-quality business website.


This guide is here to help you learn what it takes in order to build a successful website for your new business.


1. Identify The Aims Of Your Business Website 


The first step to building a successful business website is to identify your aims and purpose for the website. Are you looking to create a simple site that helps customers to learn more about your organization, or are you looking to create an e-commerce platform that is built to promote sales? Identifying the purpose of your website early on will enable you to gain more value from your investment as you are able to ensure your site is optimized for your business aims.


2. Choose a Domain Name 


With literally millions of websites out there, finding a domain name that is right for your business, your brand, and your customers that is also available can be difficult. Your domain name is a very important feature of your site as you will share it with customers and on your social media site and will be the location where returning customers go to. This means that when you are choosing a domain name, you should try to be as relevant and descriptive as possible. You should also try to keep the domain name short and clear to avoid potential confusion.


3. Build a Team 


No matter how skilled you are at technology, it is unlikely that you will be able to build your entire business website yourself, or even complete all of the necessary tasks in-house. When you are building your business website, outsourcing can be vital. You can outsource Solidity development with ScrumLaunch.


Taking the time to outsource to the right team members will enable you to gain the highest level of skill. This can be absolutely vital when you are building a business website, as small issues with your site can have huge consequences on your reputation and business security.


4. Create Brand Guidelines 


When you are building your business website, it's important that you spend some time creating a clear and concise set of brand guidelines. When you are creating your brand guidelines, it is useful to start with your brand story so that everyone involved is united in who you are as a brand. Next, you should spend some time outlining the technicalities of your brand identity. This can involve setting guidelines for your logo, defining your brand color, what fonts to use and what your brand voice will sound like.


Getting the branding right on your website from the get-go is essential for hitting the ground running. When your brand is clearly identifiable from your business website, this will help you to increase awareness and build customer loyalty.


5. Create a Conversion Funnel 


When you are creating a website for your new business, it is useful to spend some time creating a clear and effective conversion funnel. A conversion funnel is a term that is used to describe the different stages that are involved in a buyer’s journey leading up to the purchase. The conversion funnel will cover every stage involved in the purchasing process, from the top of the funnel when a customer becomes initially interested in your brand to the bottom of the funnel where a customer is just about to make the purchase.


Creating a clear and optimized conversion funnel for your business website can be vital for ensuring you are able to gain the highest possible return from your business website. This will also help you to start building a loyal customer base from the first day of launching your website.


6. Test Your Website 


When you are building a business website, it is important that you take the time you need to effectively test your website. When you have spent a long time and invested a great deal into building your business website, it can be tempting to rush it onto the market; however, the last steps of the process are vital. Testing out your business website on different devices and screen sizes, from different areas is essential for long-term success.


While you might be keen to get your business website up and ready to start making a return from rushing it, this process can be very damaging to your business. This is because it can cause you to make a negative first impression on potential customers.


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