How Can You Keep Your Employees Happy?

Your employees are vital in keeping your business operating smoothly, whether you have a big or small company to manage. Although you might get preoccupied with other aspects of running your enterprise, it’s essential to keep your employees’ well-being and happiness as a top priority.

If your staff are unsatisfied at work, this can lead to a drop in productivity and a high employee turnaround, both of which disrupt your operations and can hold your business back. Furthermore, you could risk building a negative reputation as an employer, which could make it difficult to hire staff in the future.

As your employees do work hard to help you run your company, they do deserve your appreciation and recognition for this. So, if you would like to boost morale and make sure that your employees are happy, then here are some suggestions you might want to try.

Support Professional Development

Some people may see working for your company as a stopgap while they decide what career path they want to pursue, but others will be keen to learn more about the industry your business is in and work their way up the ranks in your company. This is why employers need to look at how they can offer professional development opportunities to team members who are interested in them. Consider organizing mentorship schemes within your business to help newcomers learn from more seasoned team members. Having regular appraisals to discuss an employee’s performance will also be beneficial and allow them the chance to express what skills they are interested in developing at the company.

Rewarding hard-working employees with promotions when the opportunity arises is also important, especially if they have shown interest in moving into more senior roles within the company. This additional responsibility will make them feel seen and recognized for their achievements.

Create Clear Workplace Policies

Another important part of keeping your staff safe and happy at work is to protect them not just from potential hazards in the office, but also issues such as harassment, discrimination, and any other kind of abuse. These problems quickly create a toxic working environment and can take a serious toll on people’s well-being.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to create clear policies for your employees to follow when they are at work, policies that follow the laws and regulations regarding these topics, but perhaps some additional steps you can think of to help make your company a happier and healthier place to work. If you oversee a smaller business, consider using external services, like this one for HR Oxford, as they could help you work on these policies as well as other important HR responsibilities.

Look at Reward Schemes

Providing opportunities for your employees to get promotions and other professional development is great, but this shouldn’t be the only reward and recognition for their hard work. There are other ways you can show your appreciation to your employees for their contributions, and starting reward schemes can be an excellent way to do this. You could give a certain team a luxury hamper to share or pay for a team meal and drinks in town for the one that has excelled the most that quarter or year.


You could even look at getting discounts for your employees to take advantage of subscription services, perk boxes, or even discounts on fun days out they can do with friends and family. There are a lot of different ways companies can organize reward schemes, so do some research to find ones that will be suitable for your business and budget.

In addition to this, you could also arrange to host an employee award ceremony once a year. Typically, these events can take place in the festive season, but if you want to keep them separate from the holidays, think about hosting yours in the summertime instead. They can be either novelty awards if your teams would like to have some light-hearted fun together, or you can make this more serious if you want to recognize true achievements throughout the year.

Ask for Their Feedback

All the above examples are great places to start to boost morale and keep staff happy but asking for their feedback could be the best way to make some impactful changes. You can allow team members to fill out anonymous surveys, if they are more comfortable doing so, and encourage them to be honest about their experience working for your business. Ask them what they like about it and what they would like to see improved, as this can be a fantastic way to gain true insight into how your employees are feeling and what they need to stay happy under your employment.

If you want to make sure that your teams know that they are important and appreciated, try the suggestions above to help them feel happier and supported throughout their time at your company.


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