How to entertain out-of-town business clients

Every so often, you’ll have one or two people who will come to your business to visit for a few days. It could be a senior manager looking to see how your office is doing, or it could be someone on secondment for a short period to find out how you do things. On some occasions, it could even be you’re hosting an international client who wants to find out more about your brand.

No matter who it is, you may have to entertain them for a couple of days - or even a week or so. What can you do? This is an opportunity for you to both impress your visitor and to show them your local culture. Whether your visitor is new to your town or is on their first trip to your country, here are some ideas for what to do to entertain your out-of-town business clients.


Have a private tour of a local attraction

Everyone loves to be on the inside and in the know - so contact places such as a local gallery, zoo, museum, or other public sites to arrange a small tour of off-limit areas. A private tour is an exclusive event and is a step above a regular museum night.


So, you could, for instance, see if you can have a look at works that aren’t on display or be shown the storage areas. With a zoo, you could visit infant animals or see a feeding session.


Host a beer-tasting session

You can show your connection to the local community by having a beer tasting event at a nearby brewery. The brewer can speak about their products and could offer refreshments that can be paired with what’s being sampled.


Go to the cinema

Some clients will love films and going to the cinema. You can indulge in this by either getting seats for the premiere of a hotly anticipated movie or get tickets to a film festival.


See a show

Going to a show is a great place to get out in your best formal attire and dressing up with music around you is an excellent way to impress your clients. Have a look online at sites such as to find tickets to the latest shows.


Attend a sporting event

If one of your clients is a die-hard fan of your local team, then going to an event is a no-brainer. Most sports teams will be able to offer you a discount if you buy tickets in bulk - or, if your local team is in a championship game, then you may find you can have a viewing party at a local restaurant.


Take a cooking class

Cooking classes can be worth it for your top clients. Many of these classes will have a minimum number, but it offers a more intimate setting. You can choose a theme for the class, such as handmade pasta, seafood, or tapas. If you select a sushi rolling class, for example, then this will have a long shelf life: when your client has sushi, they will remember this experience.


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