How A Fledgling Company Can Improve Industry Recognition And Improve Website Traffic

Starting a company is just the start of the hard work as building a brand based on customer service and high quality work is going to be tough. This can be a long road but establishing the company as reliable could not be more important. Improving website traffic can also be done while improving industry recognition as the more people that visit the site the more that understand services offered by the company. A proactive approach has to be taken otherwise the brand could suffer as many reactive companies brands do. The following are ways to improve recognition in a specific niche and improve website traffic in the coming months.

Outreach To Industry Publications To Contribute Content

The best thing that a new company can do is start to get content in front of the eyes of others in their industry. This could be a staff member taking part in a podcast or simply contributing something to another industry publication. Take the time to list out targets of publications that accept outside content and will be relevant to your target demographic. Not only will this help with search engine rankings but it can also help drum up business through the relationships that are garnered. Take the time to build a relationship with the publisher by contributing monthly or weekly as the company wants to get as much traffic as possible.

Attend Conferences

According to  it is recommended to invite people to a conference being hosted or set up a meeting at an event going to be attended. Working out a meeting time can be done online with a calendar software and it allows a prospect to meet with the company at the conference at their convenience. The last thing that a company wants to do is to send invitations that look like they were done on a home printer. Personalize these as this could be the one detail that convinces a huge potential client to sit down with you to meet about potential business opportunities. Getting a booth together might need some kind of popup display but make sure that it is done professionally. All attendees could judge your new company on the booth as this will be a first yet important impression. 

Build Links To Blog Content

Building links off site to blog content can help with SEO and also allow the blog to become a resource for writers in the company space. This cannot be basic content but rather incredibly informative and helping readers to get a better idea of how the company can help them. Educating a customer is important as a customer might not even know that they could impact their quality of life or business by using company services. For content that might be a bit dry but is still important should be made interesting by allowing a designer to visualize this. Below we will discuss the importance of content variations to spice up content that might be considered boring or data sets that can be hard to put into words.

Content Should Vary

Content variation is important as it gives a company the ability to expose itself to consumers in different content types. As mentioned above a podcast that attracts enough attention that is done weekly could be enough to establish a new company in a niche. Being featured on a large publication can help as well and written content still needs to be done for keyword reasons. Take a look at the ROI for each type of content as some content is much easier to produce on a mass level than others. Outsource this content creation if it is going to be too expensive to do in-house as there are plenty of freelancers and small companies that can do this at a cheaper rate. Voice search is going to change search engines in the coming years so this might be something to keep in mind as well when podcasting or creating videos. Transcribing these videos can give the benefits of written and spoken content which will be extremely beneficial to the search engine rankings for a company.

Discount Services For First Time Clients

Using test campaigns to give clients an idea of the quality of work that the company will produce might need to be done. These campaigns can be discounted as many companies are willing to pay a bit more once they have seen the work being done for the money. This can be a great way to build up a brand and start working with some of the larger companies in your niche. Referrals can also be a huge part of this especially if you give existing customers discounts for referring new customers. This can be done in a B2B or B2C situation depending on the type of business being run.

The above strategies will allow a new company to establish themselves as well as increase traffic to their company website. What strategy do you think has the best ROI?


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