How to Get More Exposure for Your Brand Logo

In the history of promotional products, can you guess the first ever made? Hint: It wasn’t a pen, T-shirt or tote. It was a button. When George Washington became the first president of the U.S. in 1789, commemorative buttons were created to celebrate the election and our newly formed country.

Hundreds of years later, we are still celebrating with promotional products. Except now, when you look at a promotional item with a brand logo, you aren’t thinking about the product’s long history; you’re thinking how useful, cool or weird the item is.

So, what are some of the most clever ways to get more more exposure for your brand? Let’s look at a few new trends as well as some practical places to put your logo.

Beverage Containers

A typical plastic water bottle is almost passé when it comes to promoting a product. How many sports water bottles does the average person need? Plus, environmentally conscious consumers are looking at other ways to reuse their drink containers.


However, people still want a convenient way to get their hydration. A reusable water bottle or cup that can be collapsed when it’s empty and fit into a gym bag or backpack is becoming a more popular option.


Below is an example of a collapsible cup that’s being used at an ultra trail running race. It replaces the thousands of wasted Solo cups that simply get tossed on the ground at aid stations. The item comes in each runner’s swag bag and is required to be used during the race.


Beer growlers are another growing trend in product promotion. They are portable, refillable and sturdy. For the beer drinker, it’s the perfect gift. Growlers typically display a brewery’s logo, but you’ll see logos of various types of companies emblazoned on the glass. A word of warning: Think about whether your brand is the appropriate place for the side of a growler. What do you think of this example below? If you work for a highway department and hand out growlers to people attending a road conference, it might be sending the wrong message. Understand your target audience.


Photo credit: Brooke Faulkner


Work Apparel


History shows that work uniforms date back to at least the middle ages. Messengers would wear a badge with the insignia of the nobility or royalty they served. The insignias added legitimacy for the recipient of a letter. By the 14th century, badges and insignias gave way to uniforms called liveries. Many royal courts still uphold this tradition.


Fast forward to today. It’s no surprise that uniforms are still a way to instill trust. If your company is a vendor at a tradeshow or a presenter at a conference, you want to be dressed to impress your current or prospective clients.


Corporate apparel with the company’s logo strategically placed stands out. Depending on the environment, a simple, custom polo shirt is a versatile piece that can be worn with khakis or nice jeans. Work uniforms have come a long way since the days of the “man’s scarf” and butterfly collars.


Strengthen your brand by giving your customers some swag with your company’s name and logo, too. Hats, pens and those trendy woodgrain sunglasses are useful gifts that most people appreciate.


With all the promotional products available on the market today, how do you want people to identify with your brand and logo? The buttons and badges of old may still be relevant, but so are fidget spinners, USB chargers, tote bags, bobbleheads, stationery, and so much more. At least for now.


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