How To Keep Your Employees Engaged At Work

One challenge many employers face regularly is finding great candidates to hire and then also being able to keep them satisfied. The following ideas are going to help you learn how you can keep your employees engaged at work so that they’re more likely to stick around for years to come.

The minute you begin taking your employees for granted is when they’ll start to look for jobs elsewhere. It’s in your best interest to figure out how you can effectively motivate them to want to work hard and help you reach your goals. Keep in mind that everyone wins when everyone is happy and feels valued.

Ask for Feedback

Keep your employees engaged at work by proactively asking for their feedback. Your employees will truly appreciate the opportunity to have their voices be heard. Ensure that you are not only listening to them more frequently but are willing to put their ideas into action and make changes based on their observations. Many times employees are hesitant to speak up and then end up becoming disgruntled and leaving. Instead, provide outlets for your staff members to consistently voice their opinions such as at team meetings or through an anonymous suggestions box. Remember that sometimes the quietest employees may have some of the best ideas but simply need a way to communicate their thoughts that make them feel comfortable to do so.

Plan Fun Events

Another way to keep your employees engaged at work is to plan fun events where everyone can relax and get to know each other better. All work and no play can lead to burnout, and your workers will soon become unhappy with the company and their jobs. What’s even better is surprising them and throwing together entertaining events at the last minute that are unexpected and get them away from their desks and daily tasks. The good news is that you can obtain customized company swag easily by placing a rush order on items you need quickly for an activity or event you’re hosting.

Reward Them Fairly

You’re also going to make sure you properly reward your employees and recognize when they perform well. Be fair and try not to pick favorites or only call out the most popular or admired staff members in the office. Make sure each person who’s going above and beyond and impressing you feels appreciated. A few ways to accomplish this goal include:

  • Free lunch
  • Monetary rewards
  • Day off from work
  • Email recognition

Your employees will be a lot more satisfied with their jobs when they know that their hard work is being noticed. These small gestures on your part will help to motivate your workers to want to put forth even more effort into helping the company succeed. This is one area you don’t want to slack in, and know that it’s a chance for your competitors to steal away your best employees if you do.

Keep Them Challenged

It’s crucial that you continuously allow your employees to grow and develop their skills and talents. You can do this by making sure they’re challenged each day and are being kept busy at work. Engage your employees by assigning and delegating out tasks that are appropriate for each person and forces them to use their problem solving and critical thinking skills. If someone comes to you with a new idea, but you don’t think it’s doable at the time then find a way to table the discussion for another time so that you don’t discourage them from speaking up in the future. Also, don’t be afraid to ask each person what type of work they enjoy doing and then throw in a few extra responsibilities that you feel will challenge them even further.

Provide Company Updates

Your employees will feel more engaged at work when you loop them into what’s happening with the company overall. Host regular update meetings and discuss how the company is doing financially and what your goals are for the short-term and upcoming years. Allow them to ask questions and be open and willing to share information that’s going to help them better understand how each of their jobs is contributing to the bigger picture. Go over all of the successes, concerns, and struggles so they know the full story of how your business is getting along and what they can do to make sure the company performs well going forward.

Get to Know Them

It sounds simple, but many employers miss the mark when it comes to building relationships with their employees. Keep your staff members engaged at work by getting to know them better on an individual basis. Learn about their specific goals, backgrounds, and personal life, so you get a better idea of who they are and what their aspirations are for the future. It’s okay to show that you care about your employee’s wellbeing and overall happiness. You want each person to feel valued and that you genuinely appreciate their presence and want them around each day.

Encourage Creativity & Collaboration

While completing mundane tasks is typically part of anyone’s job, you should also encourage creativity and collaboration as a strategy for how to keep your employees engaged at work. Let your staff step outside of their comfort zones and show you just how imaginative and innovative they can be. Formulate a positive culture that supports people working as a team and reaching goals together. Focus on building a sense of camaraderie among your workers and let them enjoy the benefits of accomplishing goals together.


These are a few ideas for how you can keep your employees engaged at work and find more success with your business. You won’t regret the time and energy you put forth in this area once your company is excelling and you’re surpassing your goals. When in doubt, reach out and ask your employees how you’re doing and what you could be doing better to help make sure they’re satisfied and engaged at work.


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