How to Run Your E-commerce Store More Efficiently

The efficiency of your business is likely to depend on a range of different areas, from revenue per employee to your sales figures. Making your business more efficient is all about maximizing your outputs from your given inputs. Depending on your area of operation, your business outputs might be your revenue, products or services and your inputs are likely to be capital, labor and materials.

By focusing on efficiency, you are not looking to cut corners or skimp on quality, but instead you are looking at your operations with a critical eye to try and find ways to make them run more resourcefully. In the long run, making your e-commerce store more efficient will help to promote future growth as it frees up capital and employee time, which can instead be spent on tasks that help you to expand your e-commerce empire.


Know Your Customers

 Knowing your customers is one of the oldest tools in the business handbook, but it has never been more relevant or applicable than it is in the world of contemporary e-commerce. While there are billions of Internet users, there are also millions of e-commerce stores all competing for their business. In order for companies to maintain sales growth and relevance, it is vital that they market to their target audience.


Hyperpersonalization will also enable you to run your marketing campaigns more efficiently. Having a deep and clear understanding of who your most loyal and valuable customers are allows you to focus marketing to this target audience. By appealing to a specific range of potential customers, you are focusing your efforts on conversion rates rather than the amount of traffic flowing to your site. This focus enables you to save time and money on marketing as those on whom you focus are only the most valuable customers. When this targeted approach is also applied to your efforts with existing customers, it will further boost the efficiency of your operation. Retaining customers is much less demanding than acquiring new ones, which is why it is good to use techniques like email marketing, to entice these loyal customers to make repeated purchases.


If you are not sure who your most loyal and valuable customers are, you can use tools like Google Analytics to gain valuable insights. Google Analytics will provide you with useful data, such as customer age, interests or purchase history, which you can then use to inform future marketing practices.


Automate Wherever Possible

 All business owners who are looking to make their operations more efficient should be considering automation. There are many reasons why automation has the potential to transform the efficiency of your business. Firstly, automation can be used to replace mundane and time-consuming tasks, which frees up time for your employees to spend on more demanding and creative endeavors. When you choose to automate a task or a process, you are ensuring that it is free from human errors, which saves the time and effort required to put right a mistake.


Automation is 24/7. Unlike your employees, your automation software can be set to work round the clock, making it possible to always stay up to date. There are a range of different automation services that are currently being used in the world of e-commerce, such as chatbot, order fulfilment, accountancy and finance software.


Use Digital Asset Management

 It is common for employees of an e-commerce store to spend a lot of time searching for or working on digital assets. Not only does that take up working hours that could be spent on tasks that will offer much higher returns, but it puts your valuable digital assets at risk.


As an e-commerce business, you are likely to have a large range of digital assets. Examples of digital assets include logos, product photos, brochures, customer information, datasheets and newsletters. Not only is it likely that you are going to have a large amount of important assets, it is also likely that your bank of digital assets is expanding more rapidly than your organization systems can keep up with. To ensure that digital assets are always protected and employees don’t have to waste time finding the information you should use software designed to organize your digital assets. Digital asset management technology makes it easily for businesses to store, organize, find, manage, distribute and analyze their digital content.


Track Your Efforts

 In order to identify how efficiently your business is running, it is vital that you keep track of your efforts. The way in which you track your progress will depend upon the specific process at hand but you will mostly rely on metrics. You can track broad concepts like the success your marketing campaigns by using specific analytic tools that can inform you of the response and click-through rate metrics of different strategies. You can also track the success of a new product by reviewing the sales figures in comparison with its predicted returns.


To ensure that your business is running as efficiency as possible, it is vital that you keep track of your progress. Doing so enables you to identify the most successful practices that you can then either replicate or use to inspire similar work in the future. Tracking your returns also makes it possible to identify underperforming areas that can then be altered or stopped before they become too much of a drain on resources.


Use Heat Maps

 Heat maps enable you to see how users interact with your e-commerce store, how long they remain on your site, where they click, how far they scroll, what they look at and what they ignore. Not only do heat maps provide you with a bank of valuable data but they presented that data in a highly digestible format.


The most popular parts of your site, or the hottest parts, will show up in red, the least popular, or the coldest, in blue. Others will fall somewhere on this spectrum depending upon the amount of attention they receive. Your heat map will provide you with at-a-glance data that can then be used for analyses. Your heat map will enable you to understand trends as well as response rates, which you can then use to optimize your website.


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