Magento vs. OpenCart: What’s New in the Store?

Ever gave a thought of building your e-commerce platform? Well, every business has got this idea once in life tenure. Entrepreneurs who are standing on the idea of beginning their new brands have a query when it comes to choosing between e-commerce platforms to start their online business. It is an undeniable fact that when opting for e-commerce, no one size fits for all solution.

All the reputed platforms which are available in the markets have various pros and cons so it can be a bit confusing to select for your online store. And if you're bothered whether Magento vs. OpenCart then the worry ends here. In this article, we have covered for it in natural ways which help you to make the decision rather simple for you. Not only we are going to discuss which one is better but also dig in to get more details of what makes both platforms stand out from each other.


We all are aware that Magento and OpenCArt have a lot of similarities. One of the common is that both are open sources therefore free-to-download and both have been developed in PHP. Both the platforms support multiple languages and have large communities to support stores no matter what the size.

·     User Interface

No matter if you're a beginner or a professional developer, you will always go after the user-friendly interface. Keeping this in mind, Magento is no child's play as it comes with a steep learning curve. To avoid dealing with its UI, many store owners look after hiring a Magento developer.

On the other side, OpenCart offers a much simpler UI which is easy to install and setup with an easy to navigate slider on admin panel. This helps you to download extensions, change the designs or add products easily with the help of multiple tabs on the left side. Also, it represents simplified data.

·     Support

What will you do if your website stops responding at early 3 am? To resolve this, both community support and official support are crucial. Well, Magento and OpenCart offer both by using different approaches to their customer support. If we talk about Magento, then it has developed an enormous community of developers who love to share their knowledge online. For instance, Magento Expert and Magento Stack Exchange are some of the trusted Magento forums. Also, an official knowledge base provided for tutorials and FAQs. It is vital to know that Magento offers both free and paid support; hence you need to decide which one to go for.


Whereas OpenCart has built a dedicated support system for all its users which will definitely cost you a penny. The packages start from $99 per month or one-time fix to have a dedicated support team. But if you wish to have unpaid support, then you can rely on community and forums.


Features and Functionalities

When it comes to selecting between Magento and OpenCart you need to decide which platform provides better shopping experiences, layout options, powerful SEO resources or unlimited plugins and integrations. Talking about Magento, there is mostly everything which you can find in Magento Marketplace as it is designed for larger e-commerce stores.


There is a vast open market for Magento developers someone who can quickly develop any new extension which is required for your store. It offers up to more than fifty hundred extensions both in free and premium versions. It offers endless solutions when coming to SEO. Try to download Magento SEO extensions, to begin with, and also, you can easily add a WordPress blog to your Magento store.


Although OpenCart offers plenty of extensions, it does not really come close to Magento. The platform allows you to access and maintains past order list which can be a little complex for amateurs. It offers up to more than thirteen thousand extensions which are relatively easy to set up. Also, it allows doing some modifications by editing meta tags and adding 301 referrals and rel canonical. This helps you to rank your page but not so high-end SEO solution.


Wrapping Up

It is vital to know what is more critical for you and what will work better for your businesses when looking for an e-commerce platform. So, if you wish to open an online store, OpenCart is the best-suited one whereas for multi-store experience opt for Magento. In the end, the choice is all yours. Keep Learning!

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