Management Tips to Help You Deal with Remote Work

For those managers who thrive off the human touch, being around their employees to motivate them, assign them tasks, and get them hitting targets, the lockdown has represented a considerable challenge. With employees increasingly working from home – even now that the virus appears to be on the downward turn – this has been a watershed moment for managers and firms to get used to. The ‘new normal’ of managing your human resources remotely has dawned. Here are some tips to help you get up to speed with this new normal, managing from afar instead of from the office.

Regular Communications

The one thing showing your employees that you’re well and truly on top of the situation you’re experiencing is to keep communicating with them. You need to be scheduling group calls and one to one meetings where you can, to show that you’re attentive, to receive any feedback on how your staff have been adjusting, and to give them regular touchpoints with management.

For these meetings, you have two key objectives. One is to continue to motivate your staff, showing them that they’re still expected to put in a shift even though they may be working from the bed or from the couch. And the other is to ensure your staff are happy and to hear from them if they’re struggling to adapt.


Using Software

Thankfully, the software was already developed and in place to help with remote work in several institutions across the world. This has meant that, for managers who are looking to get a firmer grip on their staff, there’s software out there to help.

For instance, you can onboard with a remote employee management system to enable you to monitor your staff as they work remotely, which will give you access to their workflows and their communications as they work from their homes. With a system like this in place, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ll be able to perform your job – which is motivating and setting goals and targets – a lot easier and with a lot more information.


Team Bonding

It’s challenging to bond remotely. When your staff are all heading into the office daily, they’re having conversations, eating lunch together, and generally learning to work closely as a team. But when they’re separate, you can find that team spirit slipping away out of your grasp. In light of this trend, you should put the effort in to bind your team remotely.

How do you do this? Well, you can use conference calling to organize social meetups and fun activities, like quizzes, with your team. You can also make sure that you’re looking out for one another – giving your team space to support each other remotely – by scheduling time off from work each day. Communication during isolation is absolutely crucial, and a happy workforce is more productive than a troubled one. So, make sure you prioritize bonding and communication above all else.

Use the three essential tips above to help you manage your team from afar during these unprecedented times.


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