Marketing Tips for Salon Businesses: Top 10 tips

Want to get more profit from your salon business?


Maybe you're looking for new marketing ideas to grow your beauty business? Or perhaps you just want to freshen up your salon's marketing tactics in the upcoming year?


So, you've watched hundreds of videos and read multiple tutorials but still didn't reach your goal. Then, where are you lacking behind?


Nowadays, running a beauty salon isn't that easy. After creating a full-fledged website, it's time to think about those important factors that can make a big difference in your business sales. And one of those is - Marketing Ideas!


A successful marketing idea can show off your salon unique. This is an idea that can build a successful relationship with customers, an idea that encourages customers to stay loyal to your business, and an idea that brings a huge benefit to your business. Conclusively, adopting the right marketing ideas are essential for creating a long-lasting presence among a large number of audience. 


There is no doubt to say that both the industry and technology are changing. That's why it's essential to keep up the latest trend. So, you don't leave behind.


But, where to start?


We’ll help you with this and provide a list of amazing salon marketing tips for your business. Let’s have a look.


Table of Content

Marketing Tips For Salon Business 

●  Offer Complementary Treatments

●  Provide Samples of Products

●  Organize Promotional Events

●  Offer Daily Deals and Flash Sales

●  Streamline Your Social Media

●  Adopt Video Marketing Idea

●  Use Scheduling Software

●  Refer-a-Friend Programs

●  Cultivate More Online Reviews

●   Sell Packages

Take A Note 


Marketing Tips For Salon Business

●    Offer Complementary Treatments

How about offering complementary treatments? Providing services like 15-minutes head massage, deep conditioning treatment, or threading is a great way to create customer loyalty. When you delight your customers and give them something, they'll definitely stay in touch with your store. After all, offering a small, complementary treatment will make your customers’ day.

●    Provide Samples of Products

Offering free samples of products to your customers will keep them engaged with your store. For instance, if a customer buys the haircut services regularly, it's recommended that they offer shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mask as freebies. If customers will use these free samples, they won't hesitate to buy the full version of products later on.

●    Organize Promotional Events

Create more fun through promotional events! This is one of the effective ways to generate product sales. Organizing various holiday-themed promos for Christmas and New Year might help in promoting your salon store. Customers may take interest in enjoying the services of your salon. So, get ready for creating a buzz around your salon's corner through events.

●    Offer Daily Deals and Flash Sales

A great way to increase engagement is to offer daily deals and discounts on various salon services. This will bring massive sales and expand your business globally. If you provide discounts and coupons, it'll enhance your overall business productivity, plus allow customers to buy other services too.

●    Streamline Your Social Media

Having a social media account of your salon business means you're reminding your customers about your services and offers. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others usually come up with various features that keep your salon business trendy and modern. So, be on top of using trendy hashtags in your posts. Other popular post ideas are posting styling advice, hair tutorials, and holiday-themed manicures. Introducing exclusive deals and promotions on social media ignite the feelings of visiting your salon store.

●    Adopt Video Marketing Idea

Video marketing is a new way to achieve powerful benefits. Usually, people love to watch videos as compared to reading a tutorial. Even creating 30 seconds of video can give customers a snippet of aesthetic. Providing a tip about hair styling or products or a flash about the culture of your salon can engage your customers. Other than this, sharing these videos on social media will give a sense of following your styles and tips. When customers will walk on your mentioned tips and tricks, they'll more likely remember you next time if they need any salon service.

●    Use Scheduling Software

This is another effective idea to promote your business. Using online appointment scheduling software allows your customers to make appointments online. According to a study, 75 % of people consider that self-service is a convenient way. Scheduling salon software won't only reduce no-shows but can also send rebooking reminders to customers. All such features will keep the salon chairs full. Using salon scheduling software means connecting yourself to potential clients who need services.

●    Refer-a-Friend Programs

Refer-a-friend programs or referral programs are one of the salon marketing strategies. Through these programs, you're offering incentives to your current customers when they recommend your salon services to their friends and family.


As a true fact, the number of customers is most likely to take interest in referred services. So, you can count on this and enjoy the benefit of this marketing strategy.

●    Cultivate More Online Reviews

The more effective way to generate more online reviews for your salon store is collecting more online reviews. Customers usually search the salon stores online and prefer those who have positive reviews. These online reviews are social proof, which is the most priceless thing that a business must have to generate more sales.

●    Sell Packages

Packages mean selling services in bulk! How about if you use this as a marketing tactic? Selling salon services in a single package will leverage your current base of customers. This marketing strategy will allow you to market a higher volume of services, encourage customers to visit your beauty salon again and again and inform customers about the rest of your services that they haven't used yet.

Take A Note

Well, marketing your salon doesn't mean spending a big amount on billboards or flyers. With the above-mentioned techniques, you can give your business a new turn without spending a big buck. All you need to do is stay in touch with the trendy market and implement those techniques to optimize your salon business in a better way.

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