Pros and Cons of Top Website Builders

If you’re running a small business, then you need an affordable solution to building your website. Unfortunately, hiring a web developer can run you several thousand dollars, and that’s just for the initial costs. On-going maintenance means hiring a freelancer to continue updating your site. That means more money out of your pocket down the line.

That’s where online website builders come in. Many are free or require a low-cost monthly plan. Not only are they affordable options for freelancers and small business owners, but they’re made to be user-friendly for the non-designer. That means you can maintain control of your site without hiring someone else or learning how to code.

Pros of DIY Website Builders:

  • They’re a cost-effective way to get your website online.
  • They don’t require coding knowledge, so they’re easy to use for beginners.
  • The set-up is fast, meaning you can get your site up and running within minutes.
  • There are many pre-built themes to choose from, allowing you to choose a design that suits your business well.
  • Most have built-in tools that make SEO and social media sharing easy.

Cons of DIY Website Builders:

  • It can be difficult to move your site to another platform in the future if you need something a bit more technical added. Basically, you’re limited to the capabilities of the website builder.
  • Most website builders don’t have unlimited customization options, so your site may end up looking similar to someone else’s.

For most small business owners, the pros of website builders outweigh the cons. If you’re wondering which website builder you should choose, you’re in luck. I’ve personally tested the 10 top website builders and put together a list of detailed insight to help you make the best decision for your site. Continue reading about the Internet’s best website builders and their pros and cons here.


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