QuickBooks accounting software - How it can helpful for improving your business solutions

As we move closer to the end of the year along with the grand festive season, this is the right to make smart considerations through which you can make your business more efficient and profitable. With the wind becoming crispier and days shorter, December is the best time to think about your business instead of investing more. This year QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks for windows10 has come up with some new features that are certainly helpful for improvising your business solutions, save valuable time and increase simplicity.

So, let’s find out what are the new inclusions of QuickBooks Online so that you can ease the work and accounting pressure.


Mileage Tracker

The new update of QuickBooks Online introduces a mileage tracker. Previously it was only available for QuickBooks Self-Employed. The features are slowly coming into prominence and thus, you may not experience right away. However, as per Intuit, every user can have access in the next up-coming months. It has been seen that most small entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals end up leaving the remaining money when we consider tax deductions and mileage expenses. Therefore, they become prone to mistakes and forget logging a trip, lose track of vital information to track third party clients. This is where the new update of QuickBooks Online comes into play.


How does it work?

Download Quickbook Online application and enable mileage tracking. It is that easy. While you are on the move, the device where it is installed keeps a track and automatically determines that you are moving and thus, takes help from GPS for measuring the distance. After you reach your destination, the app prompts for categorization which can be done through a single swipe. All of the trips tracked by QuickBooks Online are stored in a dedicated location inside the app.


Whenever a requirement arises, you can view the details of mileage reporting with tax-saving estimates.


Performance enhancements reports

To improve the experience of QB reports, a small and meaningful enhancement has been done. With upgraded performance and navigation, errors have been minimized along with boosting the reviews. The update offers to:


  • View transaction data instantly rather than clicking on “load more”
  • Optimize loading times and reduce errors for large data
  • Close the view/edit screen without returning to the beginning of the report.


Multilingual invoice support

QuickBooks invoicing now supports six languages including French, English, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish and Chinese (traditional). Therefore, preparing invoices has become a lot easier than in previous days. Go to customer information and select the preferred language to make the same default for that particular user. Whatever functionality is done after this step, the default language will remain the same forever.


Requirements for installation

As QuickBooks Online is cloud-based software, it is operable from almost all browsers. All you need is Internet connectivity. This version has desktop apps for both Macs and Windows and they run quite swiftly on both operating systems. Make sure that you have installed Adobe Reader 7.0+ or Firefox PDF plugin for reading forms and using print check features.


Important features of QuickBooks Online



The dashboard in this version is basic that provides an appropriate overview of the financial state of a business. It shows charts for an invoice, profit and loss, bank accounts, expenses, and sales. The dashboard has a menu on the left for ease of access to the most used features. At the top right-hand side, it has a plus button and gear button to find shortcuts and advanced features. The dashboard also has a help button and a search transactions button. To reach a step further, you can enable the AI chat button from the settings.


Sales Overview

Over the traditional design of a dashboard, QuickBooks Online introduces a new addition of sales overview. The users can now view income with quick access shortcuts like new sales and new invoice. It makes your analysis and conclusions rather easy, fast, and more accurate.



There are five templates for invoices in QuickBooks Online. It provides ample invoice automation where users can import existing invoices through MS Word. There you can customize the logo, font, font size, color scheme, and others. If the user has an appropriate plan he/she can send reminders to defaulters and create recurring invoices. It is the best platform for auto-scheduling various invoices. This section allows invoice tracking with progress invoicing. Thus, your valuable time is saved. Moreover, you have not to employ any extra manpower to track the invoices.


Why QuickBooks is the best option for accounting software


Managing sales and income has never been so easier when it comes to QuickBooks. With this, you can stay on top of what has been owed by customers. This is generally known as accounts receivable balance. QuickBooks is exceptional accounting software that keeps track of the bills and expenses. It helps to connect your bank and credit card so that all the expenses are tracked, downloaded and categorized accordingly. QuickBooks allows direct recording when it comes to tracking cash transactions and checking the same. The software even helps in paying your timely bills as it is supported by the Accounts Payable Report. Creating such reports is never a hassle from QuickBooks’ respect. The report developed by this software becomes handy for tracking the details of past and current due bills. Most business owners take help from QuickBooks to address any issue in accounting and payables. For small enterprises with limited manpower what can be better than this application? It accomplished the most vital jobs even when there is no or minimum human intervention.


QuickBooks comes with an array of features that are of course ideal for the completion of complex accounting. The platform is appropriate for small to medium-sized businesses as it offers impressive integrations. Remember, when using QuickBooks Online make sure to keep upgrading to continue the ease of processing and also ensure that the version is compatible with Wndows10 to use all new features and the existing features unhindered.


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