Reasons To Hire B2B Appointment Setting Company

A B2B appointment setting is where you set an appointment to discuss with another business about products and services.

Pretty simple, right!

If you have any experience in this domain, you know that isn’t an easy-going task.

Appointment setting is one of those complex, shared responsibilities between marketing and sales. It’s up to marketing to nurture leads and arrange a stage for conversation, but it’s up to sales to stretch out.

When this relationship is evidently defined and understood, both teams can work in concert to drive success — i.e. better leads, more opportunities, and higher ROI. Instead of creating contact lists, you are qualifying and nurturing leads till they opt-in to a discussion, sometimes even a particular date and time. Just think what sales can do with that sort of lead.

However, when the sales/marketing relationship is maladjusted, or when one team is deprived of the resources to operate at full potential, appointment setting becomes a wishful thinking.

May also wish for bags of cash to fall from your roof beam!

If you want to keep a stable stream of opportunities in the funnel when your own programs backfire, it may be time to talk to a third-party provider.

Why you must outsource B2B appointment setting tasks

#1 Your marketing qualified leads aren’t cutting it

What do your marketing qualified leads (MQL) look like? Do they support sales reps begin significant conversations with decision-makers who suit your customer profile? Do they have apparent interest and purchase intent? Or are they professionals with a beat whose email id you have captured?

The perfect lead generation service can offer bottom-of-the-funnel, authentic leads to your sales team. These can huge big difference in two areas:

  • Your sales team can convert more deals and make more revenue.
  • Marketing can use more time nurturing existing MQLs into something working.

#2 Your CRM is filled with futile data

There’s nothing shoddier than trying to win customers by using bad sales intellect. You call someone who’s supposed to be the owner of an SME company, but it turns out they have moved on to a new position, and the company is basically a new company and two personnel from your team have already called the account since it’s a wrong entry.

You surely won’t convert any deals working with the duplicate data. As per the Integrate, approximately 40 percent of all B2B leads are affected by poor data quality with incomplete form fields, errors, obsolete information, and other problems.

A reputable third-party provider will assure data quality through a thorough quality analysis process and stringent adherence to targeting criteria. With the right business aptitude in hand, your sales reps can customize their efforts and talk directly to prospect requirements and goals. A few appointment setting services can also run through your database, scour and confirm contact data, and put the leads back into the qualification procedure.

#3 Your Lead Nurturing System is inappropriate

Until and unless you know which leads will close and which won’t, no lead is essentially “better” than another. They are just at diverse stages of the buyer’s journey and need different methods.

If you have a list of leads at the bottom of the funnel, that's great! Send them over to the sales force for follow-up and progress.

The leads that are on top of the funnel require more attention and resources. You will need to keep them engaged with enlightening content and track purchase indications until they are all set for sales. It will be a lot difficult to manage this process if you don’t have a right nurturing system such as marketing automation, lead scoring, analytics, and more.

You don’t have the resources to run full-funnel marketing, but you need some highly-qualified leads to boost your revenue. Again, this might be an ideal opportunity to outsource.

#4 Your are not striking revenue target with existing resources

If your reach is restricted, your brand vague, or your team very small, it can be difficult to gain drive and grow in an already swarming market. The deals you do close will perhaps be irregular and low-value.

Working with a third-party appointment setter can be an amazing way to increase opportunities by catering sales with high-quality, opt-in leads. And yes, those additional opportunities will have a deliberate impact on profits.

Things to do before outsourcing work to appointment setting company

Outsourcing your lead generation strategy is quite common in the industry. If you are new to the process, here’s a breakdown of what to look ahead to:

  • Define your targeting requirements such as job title, buying stage, company size, vertical
  • Set your budget such as cost per lead, cost per month, and more.
  • Review an initial offer given by the provider
  • Start earning leads by asking the provider to send leads directly to your CRM or provide them in a spreadsheet — whichever is suitable.


When looking out for B2B appointment setting companies, look for a company that has the arrangements in place to offer you and the expert team of callers who are trained for results.


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