Selling 101: How to Sell Like a Pro

Sales is a lot more than just inspiring a transaction. Truly great sales people are able to effectively transmit a range of ideas in unique ways in order to inspire sales targets.


The best sales people have a good understanding of psychology and they are able to practice empathy in order to better understand the needs and pain points of a would-be buyer. Each day they use these techniques to bond with people and supply them with the products, ideas, and services that they need.

Many small businesses pursue funding from Excel Capital Management in a bid to bolster their sales operations. Are you looking to become a hot-shot sales pro or build a strong and performant sales team? Here's a look at the core tips you need to understand.


Use Empathy

The first thing that every good sales representative learns is how to read a person and understand their personality. Some people think that this can sound calculated and sinister, but it's actually a very human ability.


The more time that you spend with diverse groups of people, the more you will understand what they appreciate and enjoy. You might find, for example, that introverted prospects prefer to speak with you over the telephone for a while before initially meeting in person.


If you are able to celebrate the personality of your prospect, you'll find that you can help them to feel comfortable and be in the mood to buy.


Repeat Your Main Point

Some sales people worry too much about the strength of their sales pitch. They spend countless hours rehearsing and refining it, only for it to feel completely unnatural. That's because it's not coming from the moment.


The best sales people work on condensing their pitch into just a few key points - that's all you need. You should ensure that you continue to hit these few points a number of times because your prospect won't remember things that you say just once. If you repeat your main points a reasonable number of times, you can really drive home your point to close the sale.


Respect the Prospect

Some sales professionals make the mistake of seeing their prospect as nothing more than a person that needs to say "yes". This is an entirely incorrect approach and isn't just ineffective - it's rude.


Seasoned professionals know that sales is a matter of identifying a person's need and then explaining how your product or service can address that need. At the end of the day, you have to believe in the potential of your product to serve the needs of your prospects and it will sell itself.


If you stick to this simple rule, you'll never run the risk of overstepping a boundary. There's nothing worse than a pushy sales person, and prospects will remember these experiences: if you pitch to them again in the future, you'll find that they are not responsive.


Learn from Everything

Even the most junior sales professionals need to realize that while it can be frustrating, a "no" from a prospect is still an invaluable learning experience. Every one of these negative responses can be learned from and used as an opportunity to improve.


It's important to realize that sharp sales abilities aren't innate. People spend a long time developing these techniques and understanding how to read people and their needs, then how to address them with a great product.


Love What You Do

As a sales professional, you have the opportunity to make people's lives and businesses better through incredible products and services. You really should believe in what you are selling - this will ensure that you understand and advocate for the product, giving you a sense of fulfilment as well as a great paycheck.


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