Shaping Your 2020 Brand Strategy with the Best Email Marketing Trends

From simplified content to mobile optimization, to email’s persistent position as one of the most consistent and trusted communication channels to marketers and the advent of AI, you need to channelize a few email marketing trends to build your business strategy.

  • Outside in the marketing world, things are pretty unpredictable. However, with the volume of data you have at your fingertips, it has become a lot easier to know which technologies, tactics, and tools are working.
  • Facing the booming viability of social media, email continues to provide a distinct cluster of advantages that other media sources/streams still struggle to compete with.
  • Across every digital marketing channel, you’ll spot changes that you design to not just optimize your mobile functions, but also prioritize the device.
  • Research states that mobile is now providing a higher number of email operations and opens than PC/desktop. It mirrors the mobile shifts and patterns across the digital marketing landscape.
  • The benefit of an email copy is that it’s clearer on mobile devices.


User-generated content

Like numerous marketing channels, UGC creates real-time engagement with prospects and brand evangelists alike. Motivating and incentivizing your customer to contribute to content through email marketing creates authenticity, directly improving conversion.

  • Now, it’s even easier to instantly gather and galvanize user-generated content from your email marketing campaigns.
  • You can sign up for trusted sites to get real likes for your Instagram and loop the same with your emails.
  • The tools focus on easy-to-digest, quick feedback modules, which you embedded into your emails.
  • Selecting the best email marketing software for your brand helps to target your traffic and feedback outreach.
  • Interactivity drives customer engagement. 2020 could very well be the first year when you open up a mobile phone more than a laptop or desktop environment.
  • Combining interactivity hurdles with responsiveness is the buzzword.
  • Some of the most viable and hottest email elements (interactive) going into 2020 are calls to action and animated buttons, rollover effects to enlist product offerings, product carousels and interactive image the user controls, and accordion features your design to create long-form emails better and more compact, and UGC, polls, and surveys.


Customizing your blasts

Much akin to Instagram ads and Tweets, email marketing tools should address a specific reader directly. There’s no better way of ensuring this than by customizing your email content.

  • After segmenting and categorizing your email recipients, you need to know them better.
  • Do know what appeals to your clients/customers. After you familiarize yourself with your audience, it becomes easier and smoother to customize your reminders, follow-ups, and emails.
  • Limiting your email blasts are another thing to do. When you send over 120 emails every day, you don’t want that message to hit the spam folder.
  • People sign up for your newsletters and updates because they are interested in your products and brands.
  • Although they want to stay connected with you, it doesn’t give you any leverage to bombard them with letters and emails.
  • Building an inclusive community should be on top of your priority. You don’t surf the internet to elicit quick information only. People join groups, meet others, and essentially build an ecosystem that’s as real as the world outside internet.
  • Stating a vivid call-to-action or CTA is very important. After earning the attention of your audience, you need to know whether they are also reading your content in its entirety or not.
  • Your emails must have a clear objective, which you can achieve with a neat and effective CTA.
  • If you want your target audience to subscribe your newsletter or visit your website, or if you want them to like your Instagram post or make a buy something from your online store, you need to lead them to each of these purposes with a proper CTA.
  • You can put the link of your IG handle in the email, which shall direct the reader to your bio. Make sure your bio has the link to your brand or product.
  • Researchers recommend you to offer your visitors proper value at little or no cost to get a click.


Broader use of predictive email marketing or AI

The last two years saw a massive growth in the use of machine learning technologies and AI. While AI hasn’t officially landed as per expectation, it has surely taken on a bigger mantle for marketers. 2020 is likely to witness a rise in this trend.

  • With predictive analytics, micro-segmentation has become less labor-intensive and cheaper. It has become more dynamic.
  • Real-time maneuvering and personalization have become more accessible and feasible for small marketing units.
  • Marketers are creating higher converting subject lines in emails through machine learning and AI. It’s helping them to write better emails in real-time.
  • Additionally, predictive email marketing is also helping influencers reduce time issues and churn by discerning the contacts that have a highly possibility to unsubscribe.
  • AI is bringing smarter and smoother spam filter. You already know that email service providers are extensively using AI to thwart spam.
  • Google had already incorporated the marvelous Tensor flow into their huge spam filter. It allows the conglomerate to block an extra 100 million spam messages every day.
  • The rise of Brand Indicators for Message Identification or BIMI is a brand-new form of authenticating emails.
  • It pairs deliverability with brand recognition by putting your logo clearly in the inbox.


Email marketing to marketing automation-the future

Email marketing automation has become a core part of your marketing strategy. The train is fast-moving and is unstoppable. Brands are opting for automation in every stage of the customer lifecycle and the number and frequency workflows are bound to increase. It’s because marketing software tools and providers are unlocking more and more data.

This has improved and redefined statistical models. It also offers a lot of cross-channel communication and optimization. Smarter segmentation of automated emails will lead to better accessibility, customization, and performance.

Platforms can be in a better position to support multivariate testing and A/B testing. Hence, you need to think and act within a short span. People are going to read your emails on their mobile devices.

About the author

Pete Campbell is a social media manage and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.


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