Shipping Slippage: 3 Unexpected Problems That May Be Slowing Down Your Production Line

Shipping is the backbone of globalization and international trade, and every product line needs to be at par with the ever changing trends in the shipping industry in order to stay relevant.

International businesses have a lot of work to do in ensuring that inventory tracking, managing customer service and achieving streamlined shipping returns are all working together so as to realize success. As a global business reaching out to customers in a virtual market, you also have to make certain that your online marketing strategies, public relations, and print ads collaborate well with the advancements in technology. With all these intricacies surrounding the shipping industry, some slippages are bound to go awry from time to time. How you handle these situations can mean the difference between winning loyal customers and losing out in the stiff competition. Here is a look at three major shipping slippages that may be slowing down your product line.

Shipping delays

Sometimes the fulfillment department will work within the set turnaround time and get the product out of the door as expected – but then the unfortunate happens. When a storm hits and delays the expected time of arrival, you'll often feel like there is nothing you can do. To avoid losing your loyal customers, you should send out a message to your social media channels to explain the situation. You should also look to the future and make sure you have the proper shipping equipment you need, like the products at Glider Systems Inc.

Item out of stock

Most businesses across the globe have experienced the problem of having certain items being out of stock even after they have been ordered. This usually happens when there is a lack of proper coordination between the storefront and the business's warehouse. Lack of proper channels of communication, especially in small business enterprises or new entrants into various market niches, regardless of their size, can be tantamount to failure. It becomes hard for a business to communicate such a slippage without damaging the brand of its product line.

Sending The Wrong Item

Even with the best planning, shipping accuracy can fail and mistakes might happen like sending the wrong item. This is particularly common for businesses that send several packages on a daily basis. Mismatched labels or invoices cause this problem. You can pay for the return shipping and appease your customer with a prepaid shipping label because naturally, the recipient will not be thrilled.

There are always problems that arise in business practices daily. Some problems can be avoided, and others are just going to happen and should be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Above are suggestions for ways you could improve your shipping line. Look to those suggestions, and any other you may find on your own, and see how your business practice can improve.


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