Small Businesses Respond to Obama's Emergency Relief Plan

The majority of small business owners approve of the economic measures proposed by Barrack Obama, found a survey by SMB software-as-a-service provider Smart Online. Here are some key findings:

  • 67 percent of those surveyed support moves to make the cost of health care for employees less of a burden;
  • 78 percent of respondents gave two thumbs up for efforts to improve and increase private lending to small business;
  • 94 percent pointed to the Zero Capital Gains and related tax relief for small businesses and start-ups as the element of the plan that held greatest interest and appeal

“Small businesses must be able to invest to compete and win against larger businesses with deeper pockets,” said Neile King, Smart Online’s vice president of Marketing & Sales. “In the current economy, any form of encouragement to invest in innovation and job creation will be met with high approval by America’s small businesses. Make no mistake, small business is the backbone of our country’s economy. Aiding their growth and supporting their creation will act like a high octane priming of the nation’s economic pump.”

The online survey was conducted during the week of January 12, 2009, among individuals who indicated they were owners/principals of businesses with 50 of fewer employees operating in the continental United States. The survey had 750 respondents in the following types of businesses: Professional services/knowledge industries, 55 percent, Service industries, 25 percent, and Manufacturing/fabrication, 20 percent.


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